Sunday, August 2, 2009

Can anyone elses dog make a talking SOUND?

My son's Black Lab//Chow mix comes up to me and will "ask" for a doggie bisquit. We call them 'cookies.' But he will come to me and make a sound asking for some that sounds like hes saying "I wan" and other times he comes back and says "more"

And of course the whole time he's wagging his tail from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail.
When I was a teen, we had a 35 pound poodle that spoke a few words..She gave a very clear, 'Hello" when we came home, and would do it on command, as well.
I also had a rabbit that barked like a dog, and played tag, keep away, boxing, and tug o war.Really!
my cousins boxer says mama. Escpecially when someone asks were she is and he doesn't know.
I have seen in some dog trick books how some dogs can be taught to say things, lots of dogs do amazing things like save lives so why not say the odd word!
We have 2 chihuahuas and a boston terrier.the momma chi will "tell" us about her day when we come home. She also "groans" like a human when she is asleep..It is way cute!! I have seen dogs mimick their owners. Our chi will answer with a kind of coyote howl when we ask her questions. Ya'll have a cool dog! What is funny is that the boston will TRY to do the coyote howl and just can't quite get it. Have fun with him!!
I am sorry to inform you that your son's dog is not as special as you think him to be. When we hear "man/ woman's best friend" communication sound we tend to interpet them as familiar words and phrases.
my dog says in a Barry White voice."food now love." the only thing we hear is "food" but we know that he's that kind of dog. My dog is too smart for it's own good, he opens doors and can open his cage in under 10 seconds(we have given up on locking him in it). He also has a sense of humor. he likes to go into the pantry and steal the cookies(human cookies) and trot up to us with the unopened pakages as a bargaining tool.. once he gives it to us, he say's "food".
Yes,,my PeepSqeaky gets so excited,,thats the best time to train them.I told my brother,,Ill get him to learn "I wuvuuu" like a dog we saw in a video %26 now he does. :O)
Yes,my dog Scout can say mama,and I want it,when she wants a treat,and she can say out when she wants outside.At least it SOUNDS like she's trying to talk.Dogs are smarter then a lot of people think.
Not my dog, but the neighbor's dog. She's also a black lab/chow mix. I used to have pet rabbits. When I took them out back, the dog next door would start saying "rabbaaaats!". When I grilled, she would say "Ham ham hamburger" or "riiiiiibs!" (She knew what she liked I guess). One day, she was waiting outside their back door, wanting in, saying "Helloooooooo?"

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