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Can i get liability insurance of at least $100,000 for pets?

My dog was classified as a dangerous dog because she is a pitt bull.
Move to WA state, the home of the Pit Bull defense. All the BSL is just the bloody insurance companies trying to make an extra buck anyway. they're trying to put the Golden Retriever on the "dangerous dog" list!
Only one who could answer that is an insurance rep. If you have homeowners, ask them if it is covered under that and what you can raise the coverage to. I have not heard of it specifically for a dog, but it couldn't hurt to ask.
IF you can get it, I bet it would be expensive. I have never heard of a company that writes liability coverage on pets.
No insurance company in their right mind would give you coverage if your dog is legally classified as dangerous. Where do you live that they do that?
I doubt any insurance company will write this type of policy. It may fall under your homeowners insurance, but watch out if you make a claim on it for a attack by your dog(especially one already classified as dangerous,) then they may decline the claim and even cancel your insurance. They may decide that you are uninsurable due to your choice of pet. I know you may not want to do it, but for your financial security it may be best to pick a different type of dog to keep as a pet.
If you get your dog temperment tested or earn the CGC (canine good citizen) title from the AKC most insurers will insure restricted breeds. The CGC proves your dog is trained and well behaved around all sorts of people.
The odds are 99.9999% against it.

Many insurers are refusing to write homeowners or renters insuranace if you have certain breeds.

It could be crucial whether the clasification was by the result of statue so that it is a breed that per se is classified as dangerous or whether it was by court ruling specific to your dog.
Just keep a close eye on that dog! They are very sweet dogs to people! Just keep it away from all strangers and especially other dogs! As they are naturally dog aggressive! You could also deal with problems if your dog were to injure or even worse kill another dog!
My understanding is that Pets Best will be offering that kind of liability insurance by the end of the year. I think that's something that's just in the works, though, but should be available soon.

Can I get in trouble with the law?

If I abide by the leash law with the city(walking my dog on the leash) and my dog goes to the bathroom in my neighbors yard can I get in any kind of trouble with the police?
Could be if you don't clean it up and the neighbor complains.
only if you don't pick it up
Depending on your city ordinances, but generally yes, you could recieve a citation that could result in a fine. U need a Poop Scoop, nasty job, but someone has to do it.
Your neighbor can file a complaint, and if your dog doesn't start eliminating in his own yard you can get a ticket. Plus, it's just bad manners.
I don't think that you can as long as you pick up after your dog. If you don't pick up you can be fined.
just pick it up to be on the safe side.
In my state, the leash law doesn't really say dogs must be kept on a leash. It says they are to be kept off other people's private property, and off city streets %26 highways. In that case, yes, you could be fined.
That's trespassing. If the dog's on a leash, you can keep it from going in the neighbor's yard.
It depends on what the town ordinance reads. Our reads that we are to clean up after the dog. We can be fined 50 dollars if we don't. But, the neighbor has to have proof. A photograph. Again, check our town ordinance. This will clear things up for you.
You will have to see if yall have a law on it, some cities do. Just to be safe, you should prolly take something to pick it up. Not only that it is just respectful if you do pick it. Would like to walk out into your yard and find that someones dog used the bathroom in your yard?

Can i get help to have my dog neutered?

I live in the uk and i am recieving benefits, is there any financial help for me to get my male terrier neutered?
Call the city and get a list of all low cost or free spays or neuters in your area.
Speak to a Vet
ask a vet or the RSPCA
i could buy u the couple of bricks u need
The pdsa (peoples dispensary for sick animals) will help.
If you can't afford to own a pet, DON'T.
Phone your local PDSA or RSPCA. If you can prove benefits, you should be able to get him done for free. And leave a small donation if you can as it's polite!
yes u can. ring your local R.S.P.C.A they will pick your dog up and bring him or her back for a small cost. well, cheeper then the vet. had 3 dogs done by them. they use very good vets. the size of the dog will depend on the cost. bigger the dog more it costs. 拢80 at the most for a rotty.
Dogs trust will also do it quite cheap

can you afford this dog. if it gets ill or hit by a car can you afford treatment? i have seen too many dogs (some only puppies) that could have been treated and lived for longer if their owner could have afforded treatment.

i strongly advise you to insure your dog though on benefits you may not be able to afford that either

it is not fair on your dog if you can't afford what it needs

you may be able to qualify for free treatment by the PDSA if you meet their criteria and live in the right place
Hi,in google type in Dogs Trust do not be out off by there advert has its mainly for money,I know they encourage people to have there pets neutered im pretty certain you will get it done free there is also the R.S.P.C.A %26 P.D.S.A. they all do it for a donation. You are being very responible.Goodluck
pdsa will not neuter dogs, even if on benefits for free, but will recommend a vet for you, dont use them when you have to pay, very expensive, personal experience, they charge over the odds to help get back some money to cover the costs for free visits, but most towns have Pet Vacination Centres, look in yellow pages they seem to be the cheapest, about 50 i believe
Hi Scott
Sure you can. All you need to do it to ring the dogs trust and they will tell you when the next available truck will be near you locally. It cost me 拢10.00 to get my Westie spayed and chipping is free, for real i am not joking you.
All you have to do is phone your local PDSA or go in there a nd give them proof of housing benefit and/or council tax benefit they will then only charge you a small donation for treatments and a small percentage of vaccinations and flea treatments etc, I do this because im on benefits and balls to anyone who says DONT OWN PETS IF YOU CANT AFFORD! thats what the pdsa/rspca was set up for duh!
The PDSA don't do neutering or vaccinations.
In many cities there are schemes for low cost neutering, you need to ask a vet and local RSPCA, and check out the local press.
Some people REALLY PlSS ME OFF on this site!

You ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING getting your dog neutered. You obviously love your dog and want what's best for him. These people don't fully know your circumstances but choose to criticise anyway.

(Yes, I've criticised people on here in the past too, but I have at least given consideration first, wish more people would do that too.)

The PDSA was set up for people who have pets but not much money. Speak to them, or to Dogs Trust or RSPCA. I've never been in your situation so can't give any advice better than to contact them.

You don't say whereabouts in the uk you are, but look in the phone book, hopefully there'll be a PDSA/Dogs Trust or other neutering facility near you.

Good luck.
possibly. Try asking the RSPCA, or depending on where you live, spaywatch or the blue cross or PDSA may help. You have to provide proof of being on benefits.Different parts of the country have different schemes.
your local p.d.s.a will help you neuter your pet
Get two half house bricks, one in each hand .!

You really expect the ble*g tax payer to pay for that as well?
yes pdsa do it and rspca good luck that is guareenteed the do it
talk to your local vet or animal shelter. I used to volunteer for a cat shelter and the vet spayed/ neutered all the cats for free b/c we were trying to cut down the repopluation problem. so in most cases shelters want owners to spay/neuter their pets and if you tell them your situation they may be willing to help for free :)
good luck and thank you for being a responsible pet owner :)
if you are on benefits then you will be able to get this done free of charge, these ops cost a small fortune, so please think about the cost when you go back to get your dog from the vet after the small opp, a small donation is always more than welcomed x

Can I feed my puppy adult dog food?

I have a 10 week old French Bulldog, and I have tried him on all the puppy foods available, but he refuses to eat them! He tries to eat my other dogs food. The only other foods that he will entertain are Frolic mini and Beneful oh and freshly cooked chicken of course! I remember that some years ago, there was no such food as food formulated especially for puppies. I live in Spain so some of the foods I cannot get. Any advice would be welcomed as I want to ensure that my puppy is getting all the necessary vitamins and proteins that he needs. Thanks
NO end of- unless you want problems with him later on in life!
why do you think they bought out puppy food?
you need to go and see a vet they will explain why he needs puppy food better than i can and will also be able to offer you alternatives
It should be ok, I was under the impression it just smaller chunks so if your dog's having trouble you could always mash it up a bit.
I'ld go see your vet, but they would be eating the same stuff in the wild, and you're quite right puppy food hasn't been around long, I would say that adult food is better than none, and maybe your vet would suggest a supplement or something if he feels your puupy isn't developing at the rate he should
Adult dog food could put more weight on the puppy then is healthy. If the pup is being stubborn and will only eat certain things, make sure you portion out his meals.
Good luck and enjoy the pup.
Adult dog food can be too rich for a young puppies stomach and make them ill. it might be an idea if he will eat chicken to mix the chicken in with the puppy food. your dog should NEVER be able to dictate to you what it will eat! but at that age bribery sometimes is all that can be done!

Hope this helps! Good luck!
i have a puppy i gave her adult food by mistake it made her very very sick. so no i would not.
Hi you can not give your puppy adult food till it is at least a year old coz adult food can upset their tummy so try different puppy foods i have a puppy my self an she loves bakers puppy food or you can try it on puppy dry food but do not give adult dog food it can harm him.
Call me a cynic, but doesn't everyone remember when there was no such thing as "puppy" or "kitten" food? Blatant marketing ploy if you ask me, and I'm sure they're more expensive.
We have a 10 month old cross spaniel, which we had has a 6 week old pup in Spain. We found that he also liked the adult food when he was still quite young so we kept him on it. It has done him no harm, as I do beleive it is only the size of the food that is the difference.
Good Luck with his training!
Actually the very good quality adult foods can do for a pup though 12 -16 would be better for the switch but if they don't eat..Puppy food is richer than adult so the problem could be undernurishment, Beneful (if it is the same as the US) would not be my first choice though Ask your vet or breeder about Spanish brands
Congratulations on your new "baby". Now, as my gramma said, if he gets hungry enough, he will eat what he is given. But as a dog mom myself, one of the biggest reasons for puppy formula is increased protein for the rapid growth requirement of infancy. Compare the labels. Adult dog food certainly isn't harmful, as long as you meet his nutritional needs. Would you be able to add cooked chicken to his diet? Let him get really hungry, and feed him off by himself in a quiet place, where he isn't tempted by what the big guys eat. Dogs learn by watching their pack leaders and smell is a big part of how puppies learn what the right thing to do is. Try mixing some puppy formula in with his portion of adult food, and over the next few days, gradually increase the puppy chow and decrease the adult chow amount. He can certainly do well eating the mix of both. Check to be sure he is gaining weight, and that his fur stays shiny. Bright, clear eyes are another indicator of good health. If you give in to him and let him eat what he wants, you might try adding a vitamin treat so you don't worry so much. Hugs to the pack, sue.
You cannot feed him on adult food, Puppy food is called that for a rerason. It has higher levels of protein to help the pup grow properly.
You are making him fussy by chopping and changing. Buy one brand of puppy food, and leave him a bowl down. He will eat it when he gets hungry. Make sure he has no access to other food and no treats.
Once again I'm amazed by people's lack of knowledge. Does nobody ask questions or read labels? Puppy food does NOT differ from adult food just in the size of the bits. For goodness sakes. The levels of protein, calcium etc are higher to cope with a dogs rapid growth in the first year of it's life. Sure there was no such thing as puppy food 50 years ago, but then, most dogs died by the time they were 8, had rickets, got distemper, were alive with fleas and worms.
I sometimes wonder whether people are getting more stupid as time goes by.
dont listen to the people saying its ok to feed a puppy adult food because its not, like you said you want to make sure hes getting all the proper vitamins n minerals, i had the same problem with a pup i had , he wanted his mum n dads food and refused his own, so i just cooked a chicken fillet and mixed it in with his food, problem solved , you can even chop up the fillet and if your feeding him 3 times a day then split it into three so you have some for his other feeds and its cheaper to. or you can just do the same with scrambled egg. hes just being stubburn lol
My last German Shepherd refused to eat puppy food of any description I tried them all, he would only eat what my other 2 bitches were eating and yes I worried for a while but he thrived on it! he grew normally he never had problems with his joints or anything at his peak he weighed a healthy 7 and a half stones I was even approached by the local police and asked if I would sell him to them (I didn't), he lived to be 13 and a half, so I wouldn't worry too much about your French Bulldog, he will be fine, just keep an eye on him in case it gives him the runs or anything, but you are quite right, a few years ago there was no such thing as puppy food!
please please please do NOT give your puppy adult food its just to rich for their digestive system and it doesn't have enough ,vitamins,minerals and more importantly proteins or fats. they need for optimum bone and muscle growth and they don't just make the chunks smaller they brought it out for a very good reason and the formula in all good puppy foods has been researched for a long long time i hope this helps. so have have a word with your vet and i hope this issue gets resolved
He should be fine on a good quality adult dog food.. many people never feed puppies "puppy food".. it's actually better for them to eat a good quality adult food than an average puppy food.
Hello Carolina

I would leave it for a few more weeks, don't want to hurt him. Anyway I 'll eat any that is going spare, us hedgehog's love dog food. Yum Yum!

Glad to help theluckyhedgehog x
If you feed your puppy adult food he will recieve too many nutrients that will make him develop too quickly and could lead to joint problems.
Pick a dog food formulated for the needs of puppies and stick to it - otherwise he will become a very fussy eater and drive you crazy.
feed what the breeder did - take their advice
at about 6 weeks my jackx plummer pups were eating mothers food while she had to eat their puppy food saw two of them recently (now 10 months old) both big healthy boys so even though we are conditioned to buy puppy food seems the real stuff doesn't do any harm

Can I feed my 26 day old puppies canned food?

Hello all. I have a rat terrier and she had a litter of 9 born on the 2nd of October. Unfortunately 2 of them died. Now 26 days later they are teething and the mother pushes them away because she feels their teeth. This is also her first litter! She really is a good mom but the pups teething really bothers her. I am wondering if I can start feeding them canned food. I have tried feeding them Goats Milk through a bottle with no success. Is it okay to feed them canned food?

Thank you for your time to answer this question.
first of all, take them to the vet to have them checked out for their health. then.ask the vet what to do.
probably, but also try putting hard dog food in a bowl w/ milk and then warm it up until the hard food is soft. thats what we did when our pups were three weeks old.
yeah their ready to be weaned. use a good quality puppy meat and add just a touch of water to make it more sloppy. in another couple of weeks try rice pudding sloppy weetibix and scrambled eggs they enjoy it and its good for them.
Weaning usually starts at three to four weeks of age. When weaning you will want to make sure you are weaning them onto some kind of puppy food. I'm not sure if there are many canned puppy foods out there, instead you can use dry puppy food which has been soaked until mushy.

If you try to supplement them with milk, you should use a puppy replacement milk, it is designed for them. Other mammal's milk does not have the right combination of proteins, minerals, fats and the like.
If your pups are 26 days old,,which in wks. is almost 4 wks. old the answer is yes.I usually begin my pups eating at 3 1/2 wks. old,but you must soak any dry kibbles in warn water til softened,then ad a small amount of a good brand of canned puppy food.If you just feed the canned food by itself it may cause some of them to have loose stools and then diarrhea is a problem to correct with young pups.Pups also should be wormed at 2wks.,4wks,6 wks,and so forth until around 12 wks. of age,but just be sure on the dosage,call your vet and ask.The Panacur dewormer is very safe,but must be given three days in a row.
yes you can feed them wet, moist can food, make it a little wet to start so they won't choke. If the mother is pushing them away, they will be hungry and chow down so offer a little to start - what a sight when they are covered with dog food on their face. Know that if you give dry food moisten , it will swell in their stomach and they can spit it back up - small portions of moist food, just feed more frequently and shallow bowls of water - any food change will cause diarrhea
this is what we did with one litter of puppies when the mom had milk fever and couldnt nurse anymore they were about 3 weeks old, we put puppy chow in a bowl and put warm water in there to where the puppy chow is soggy,, or you can put down oat meal but the puppy chow is better for them cause it is regular dog food,,, i hope this helps and congrat!! on your new puppies..
You can buy puppy milk.and puppy canned food. If the pups can lap with their tongue at food without chocking, let them have a runny mix of the puppymilk/food mixture. If they can't lap food, get them a puppy bottle, enlarge the hole a bit, so the mush can flow, and feed them with the bottle. Do NOT hold them as you would a baby (on their backs) but have them as they would feed from their mom, belly-side down.
In a few more weeks they can graduate to thicker foods, with less milk. In a couple of months they can have half wet food and half dry, stay on puppy food for a year.
Hello, this time last year I was raising two terrier mix puppies. I got them when they were 5 days old, their mother was extremely malnourished and 6 of 9 puppies died since they were born and left out in the cold.

They were on the bottle a while, but once I started introducing food I started them on a mixture of goat's milk, infant chicken food, and overcooked rice. Make sure that the baby food you use is meat and water, no preservatives or added salt etc. If they're doing well with this you slowly add puppy food to the mix until they are eating all puppy food.

I hope this helps. it got us through late night feedings even a case of puppy pneumonia.

Good Luck!
We start the puppies here on meatballs (raw hamburger) and rice pablum when they're about 3 weeks old, but don't let them move onto any more substantial food until they're about 5 weeks old. Their digestive systems just can't handle it.

It's not uncommon for mama dogs to want quit nursing when the pups' teeth come in, but the pups still need her milk because it's not only a source of nourishment, it's also providing them with a souce of immunizing antibodies that they cannot generate on their own.

When the pups are about 6 weeks old, they are usually old enough to give them their first vaccinations.
i Would Not Only Give Them Can Food I Would Mix It With Hard Food Too.That Is What I Did When I Got Mine That Young.

Can I feed dalmatians with bones?

Especially chicken bones, which is very brittle?

Will it wound their stomachs, etc.?
Is it safe?

cooked bones splinter more easily than raw. chicken bones will splinter regardless of cooked or raw, and it depends on the bones given. If you give the neck or the back you are fine, even wing tips are fine, but not leg bones or breast bones.

I feed the raw diet and my dogs do get whole chickens, BUT%26lt; they have been use to this all their life and i do not give new dogs i rescue whole chickens, they get raw chicken without the bones.
Bones can not only get caught in their intestines if they splinter, but can get caught in their throats also. Your best bet is stay away from chicken bones and feed raw beef bones.
One word, no! Deffinately not, there's a risk of choking, if the bones brake at an angle, or have a sharp part, it can harm their insides. The only bones you should feed them is stuff like cow bones, go to a butcher and ask for bones, or get some dog treat ones. If you go to a butcher, boil the bones until it's fully cooked, dogs love them. Be sure to take it away once there small enough that you cant see it when they're chewing or there's sharp parts, because they can choke, we've learnt that the hard way.
I know many breeders and people who work and show their dogs that feed RAW chicken, with bones.

Never feed a cooked bone, that's what makes them brittle.

Try Deer legs too!

But always supervise your dog.. some of my dogs can handle certain bones that others cant.
The only safe bones to give any dog or cat are raw bones, never cooked or dried out. Raw bones will mash up when they chew them, cooked bones with shatter into tiny splinters that can pierce the lining of the stomach like a tiny tooth pick. The treatment for this is an operation and it's very expensive, otherwise the animal dies a very painful slow death
No, please no cicken bones! Could be harmful. Please use big beef bones that you boil first. And give them a big hug from me.
Best thing: NEVER feed dogs bones, any bone can splinter and get stuck in their throats, pierce their stomachs or intestines.
chicken bones? yes..only the neck part..i buy all the neck bone in the supermarket for my dal it's very very me..but other part of the chicken never..never..never
If you are feeding something like the BARF diet where you feed raw chicken backs and necks that is fine and your dogs can tolerate those bones.
NEVER feed cooked chicken bones as they can splinter and kill a dog.
A dog can safely eat raw chicken and will not be harmed by salmonella or anything else. Their systems are set up to handle that type of stuff.
Many people feed a bones and raw food diet. It is somewhat complicated to make sure they get all the proper nutrition. But there are many great web sites on how and what to feed.
Common Sense is required here. If your dog is used to eating bones, then I would feel comfortable with him eating chicken bones. I have always allowed my dogs to eat bones from puppy up to old age and have never had a problem (they are carnivores). However, I am always supervising their behavior - if they are "gulping" or "panic eating" then I take the bone from them. Then they learn to slow down.
If he's never had chicken before, start with neck, carcass, and legs - bigger parts.
you should NEVER feed a dog chicken bones, it will puncture their stomach.

can i feed a puppy rice?

i feed my dogs boiled rice along with cooked chicken of fish. its good for them. but they only have this maybe once every 2weeks for a treat. you also need to feed a gud quality puppy food as well to give him/her the correct diet. scrambled eggs are also good to add to your puppys meals. if your talking about rice pudding thats also something else thats fine and they enjoy. try to stick with a good puppy food and maybe the odd treat of the rest.
I feed my dog rice cooked with chicken broth if he has an upset stomach, but never only rice.
Yes. i won't harm them. my dog always eats rice
Sure, brown is better than white rice, but why are you asking? Are you using it as the pups main diet? A treat? or are you trying a RAW diet?

Suggestion. stick with high grade, pre-made dog foods and treats until you know what is and isnt bad for dogs. Dont take chances when it comes to health :-)
Yes the vet Say's it's OK 2 give them rice.

I cook the rice with a stock cube 2 give it flavour then mix some mince or chicken it with it 4 my dog's and they love it.
i always feed my pit bulls rice and chicken it makes them gain waight
Yes! Some people feed their doggies only rice! I would limit the amount though, it could make them have dirrea.
Good Luck!
if its coked i sometimes feed him little bit of rice its normal
go ahead!
yes, i feed my dog rice, its healty thats why us chinese people eat them everyday!
yes, absolutely. Rice is actually a very good source of energy for dogs. Just don't feed him too much. a puppy's stomach is very fragile and too much of anything will make him sick. So if you are feeding him rice for every single meal, i highly suggest that you try buying a puppy chow formula. it will be easier on his stomach and will give him a complex mixture of nutrients that he will not get by eating rice alone. These questions can all be answered by your veterenarian. Hopefully you have seen a vet with your new dog and if you haven't, please do so a.s.a.p.
Yes you can but it had no nutritional value whatsoever. YOu can add chicken and shredded carrots ot make a fantastic meal though.
Yes you can but only a small amount. I usually mix it in with my dogs regular food.
yes if you look in good dog food there allmost allways is rice in it