Sunday, August 2, 2009

Can a female dog become pregnant by two different male dogs?

Yes, it is quite common actually..when people let their female dogs go outside unattended while in heat.

It's possible to have as many different daddies as eggs ovulated by the female, and male dogs who breed with her during that 'window of opportunity.'

Litters are created when a female dog releases 7-10 (for example) different eggs during ovulation. Each egg requires its own sperm for fertilization. If there is a mixture of sperm from different sources in there at the same time (in heat female dogs are not especially picky, lol), then sperm from different fathers can certainly fertilize different eggs. A fertilized egg can split into identical twins (just like in humans).but just like in humans, it's not frequent.

To those who gave thumbs down to the answers about this also happening in are wrong/they were right. Fraternal human twins can INDEED have different fathers, if the mother'busy' is probably the nicest way to put it? LOL..during her fertile time. It's not as uncommon as you might think.
of course
actually i think i have heard of this happening before, but i dont know for sure, sorry
She certainly can.
Honestly it has happened in humans many times. If it can happen to us it can happen to them.
No, whatever sperm cell gets there first, wins
yup, or more than 2
Yes, same as cats!
not at the same time (obviously)
yes, each puppy could have a different father.
yes it is!
yup just like human
from what one vet told me yes..
Yes. All puppies can have a different father, it just depends on how many bred her. But, if you suspect that 2 males have bred her, then you won't really be able to tell which is the father, unless there are some distict differences in the puppies when they are born, and grow older
Yes she can become pregnant by 2 male dogs.!
Not at the same time, maybe at different times
Yes she can.
The litter can have multiple fathers. Even each pup has a different father. Makes for very interesting litters, specially if the males included a german shepherd, cocker spaniel, whippet, bull terrier, labrador, jack russell (dont laugh at that one, they female can be very accommodating)
I've heard it is possible,
Depending on the litter size, a female dog can become pregnant by as many as seven male dogs.
she sure can! crazy huh?
One of the males could be father to some of the Pups and the other male be the father of the rest.
So that would actually make some of the pups 1/2 sisters or brothers.
Yes she can.
yes the emale dog can become peregnet by two differnet male dogs but the pups might look a little different from the parents one might look like one male dog and the other might look like the other male dog.
yes it can even cats
yes it ca happen. i seen my dog get gang banged like a bad porn and al the dogs came out different colors,looks,shapes.them were some ugly pups she had. yeah honey it can happen.
The answer to this question is yes she can. So be careful when she is in heat.

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