Sunday, August 2, 2009

can a dog get heartburn, and if so what can you do for him/her?

My dog (9 y/o Miniature Schnauzer) has been coughing really bad, and dry heaving, and I think it is because while I was at work today she got into whay was left of my blooming onion from outback steakhouse, which is kinda spicy. I am thinking she has heartburn, and I don't know what to do for her. Any suggestions? I gave her a fresh bowl of water, she I can't get her to drink any. I have some cimetidine heartburn pills that I take myself, but im afraid to give one to her cause I don't know how it would affect her. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appriciated.
You need to take her to the vet. And yes a dog can get an upset stomach just as easy as a human. But they usually are able to throw up and then they feel better. But on the same note it could be a more serious problem like a possible blockage. The reason your dog doesn't want to drink water is because when dogs are not feeling well or in pain they normally won't eat or drink. "DO NOT GIVE HER HEARTBURN PILLS THAT ARE MADE FOR HUMANS"!
Yea a dog can get heart burn, but this isn't heart burn. I think she got poisoned by the onion.if she ate the onion.or if there was an onion. (I got this info from Better Homes and Gardens, Dr. Harry) Take her to the vet if you're really worried.
get 'er outside in the fresh air and let 'er eat some grass
I don't know if it would be heartburn, but my dog has acid refleux or whatever it's called. We give him antacids, the chewables, they are good for dogs.
I don't know about your dog though. You can try calling your local vet, or a vet emergency hospital and ask them what you should do and if it's safe to give her the pills.
Good luck =] hope she feels better.

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