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Can a female dog get pregnant after her bleeding stops during her cycle?

My dog started her heat on the tenth of october. I have also have a male dog. Both are not fixed. I have been keeping them separated doing shifts through out the day putting one in its crate and letting the other out of its crate. Can the female still get pregnant if the bleeding has stopped? I am trying to save up to get the male nutered but it will take a few months to get up the funds. I want to be responsible and not create puppies but I feel bad having to have them on shifts in and out of the crates. What sould I do?
The heat cycle of a dog is approximately 21 days.

The first 6 to 8 days she is in a flirting stage where she will be very playful with the male, but will NOT stand to allow him to bred her.

The middle stage (from about the 8 to 16 day) is the time she will stand to allow ANY male to bred her. She will go out of her way to accommodate a male. She will climb, chew, dig or jump most anything to reach a male. The male will also be doing all he can to reach her.

The last 5 to 7 days she will not be as receptive to the male and will usually snap at him when he tries to bred.

These are all NORMAL things, there will always be the odd dog that will become pregnant as soon as the 6th day or as late as the 18th day.

Just to be safe, keep them separated the FULL 21 days and add a few more to be sure! It will be much better to confine them for a short while than have un-planed puppies when you are not prepared to care for them 24/7.

It may seem a little cruel to have one or the other penned up all the time, but it is much better. Dogs do not hold a grudge, they will forget all about the confinement within a few minutes of being given their freedom, and you will be worry free.

Keep up the good work.
I would wait until she starts headin' to the male
you need to get the female nutered, not the male! the male can't get preggy!!
dogs have periods??
I didn't know that!
in New Zealand, getting a dog fixed only costs about $20 or a bit more .
there's always a chance a dog can get preggy when it's not fixed, save more!! NO MORE LUXURIES FOR YOU!!
That is when they are ready to mate. They do not get pregnant while she is bleeding. Still, she should be in the final days of her heat and may be past the time for her to be bred. I would keep them seperated for about another week, just to be on the safe side.
A dogs heat cycle can last up to 2 weeks or sometimes more. Just bc she's not bleeding, that doesn't mean her cylce is finished.
Female dogs have a period of about a week to nine days of having a blood tinged discharge..during that time they cannot be bred, nor will they accept a male's advances.After the blood tinged discharge stops, it becomes a clear or yellowish color, for another week to nine days..This is the time she is most likely to be bred..She should stay away from males, until her swollen vulva goes back to normal size, about 11-15 days after the bleeding stops..You will know she is safe when the male shows no interest in her..
she CAN get pregnant for up to 7 days AFTER ALL BLEEDING STOPS !! this IS the most fretile time! a heat is 3 weeks .one week going in to heat .one week bleeding, week ready for mating coming out of bleeding.good for you to ask! and good girl for not bringing more pups into the over crowded shelters.!!

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  1. Firstly. to the person who wrote that female dogs should be neutered... Females get spayed, Males get neutered! Secondly, why should all the males run around "intact" and females be the ones being fixed?? How about both sexes being fixed. This is the most responsible thing for all of us dog,(and cat) owners to do. I agree with the first person about it being better for you and your dogs in the long run to keep them apart longer than to risk pregnancy by not waiting long enough to keep them apart.