Sunday, August 2, 2009

Can a rawhide bone make my dog have bowel trouble?

Gave her a rawhide bone, shes constantly chewing it, and shes now having accidents in the house..BAD ones.
Yes it definately can. Rawhides aren't good to give dogs. They can cause diarreha, constipation,vomiting, choking hazzards and bowel obstruction./blockages. Also many have been chemically treated. so can otherwise make your dog ill.
If it is real greasy it will.
yes and lots of other troubles to . dont give him rawhides.
ask your vet I have never heard of that. It may be coincidence
Yup. For my dog I just let him chew on it for a bit and then pick it up because it is totally obsessed with the bone and will just chew it all day.
Yes, rawhide can cause all kinds of problems. One of my dogs almost choked on one, and from that day more rawhide. Prior to that, she would vomit up this white stuff after eating rawhide.

I stick with nylabones instead, it's much safer in my opinion.
she could be allergic to the contents of the bone
Instead of rawhide, try a huge knuckle beef bone. It will take her forever to chew on one of those bones. You can pick one up at Walmart, a pet supply shop. Just make sure it is huge. Also have you checked her for worms. Sounds like you might need to worm her.
Some dogs just can't handle it. Mine gets the poops. No more rawhide for her. And depending it can cut them as well.

sometimes when they chew the bone, they swallow big peices of it hole.

my dog almost choked on a piece when he was chewing it.

i suggest that you not give her it anymore and just replace it with a chew toy that has flavor, or a bone that doesn't easily break apart.

good luck!
I am not a fan of rawhides. I give my dog things that he can chew on that do not break off or splinter. He once got a piece of rawhide stuck in his throat and that was the last time for that.
Rawhide bones are not good they will not dissolve they will stay in the stomach.

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