Sunday, August 2, 2009

can a dog eat lamb bones?

Had lamb chops fro dinner, can i feed the bones to the dog? i know ribs are ok and chicken is not.
Better not. Raw bones are great for dogs - they've been eating bones for thousands of years - but you need to get very large, raw marrowbones, like the legbones of cows, which have been split longwise down the centre so the dog can eat the raw marrow inside, which contains essential vitamins and oils.

The reason why people shriek that you cannot ever give a dog a bone is because they aren't careful about which bones you give a dog. Raw, fresh bones don't splinter; a half-split huge marrowbone lasts about a week, then you throw it away and buy a new one. That way it never gets old or dry enough to splinter, and it won't get small enough so that it sticks in the dog's throat and chokes it.

Bones are important to dogs; they clean the teeth, provide marrow-nutrients, and are hours of entertainment. Just stick to enormous split marrow bones and swap the old one for a new one after about a week, when it has dried and is smaller.

Easy! But chop bones, no way. You want a bone about thirty-forty centimentres long. A butcher will help you if you give a good description.
Depends on the size of the bone.if it is a small dog too.but I would not recommend feeding them lamb chop bones unless they are the bigger sized bones.
Yes, lamb bones are ok.

Chicken bones are hollow, and so they shatter and make very sharp pieces that can cut a dog's throat.
No bones are ok to give dogs. People have done it for centuries, but there is always a chance of shards coming off and choking the dog.
not chop bones. if it was a roast he could have them and he can't have rib bones either unless they r beef. chickenand pork bones r thin and splinter and can cause tearing in the stomach lining and the colon lining is why u don't give these bones to dogs. agreat big ham bone is ok as well as steak bones.
personally I wouldn't take a chance with any bones. The dogs chew the bones and end up biting off pieces that could cause a blockage in the intestinal tract and that could become a painful situation. Stick to the boxed dog bones and don't give your dog those greenies.Seen in the news that they have killed many dogs because they have lodged in the intestine causing blockages.That company has many lawsuits.
my cat who likes pork chops and lambchops likes them too so why not. my cat thinks he is a dog and acts like one following me around
Yes, they're fine.
Generally bones from birds are a problem as they are less dense to allow lower weight and flight. Bird bones can shatter and cause problems.
Bones from land mammals are generally more dense and are fine for dogs.
No. Please don't give bones of any kind to your dog. I cannot tell you how many dogs end up needing surgery due to their owners giving them bones.
No cooked bones are ok. They have a tendancy to splinter and can cause you massive bills and heartaches. If you aren't sure about this specific bone, put it in the fridge and call the vet on monday. It's a free phone call and he may have a different view for you and your dog.
I would not feed cooked lamb bones. I would also not feed bones from chops because they are cut unnaturally with a saw and can be sharp. Larger, unaltered raw bones are a different case, but that's not what you're asking, so in your case, I'd say No.

Raw bone can be digested by dogs, but cooked bone is not, hence all the horror stories of splintery chicken bones.

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