Sunday, August 2, 2009

Can a neutered male dog still penetrate a female??

We have a neutered male golden retriever that penetrated a female golden this morning. Is this common behavior for a neutered dog? I am now a bit concerned that perhaps the vet did something wrong when he was neutered over 6 months ago. We are going to have the female spayed next week, since we just adopted her.
Neutering a male dog only removes his testicles; nothing is done to his penis, so technically he can still penetrate a female. A male dog may still have the mounting behavior, even all his life, particularly if he is older when neutered. Spaying your female will also help because the male dog recognizes the pheremones given off by an unspayed female.

You may want to make sure with the vet that the vet removed both testicles. Sometimes a testicle can be undescended and require further surgery. It's more likely, though, that once your female is spayed, the behavior will lessen.
It can and does happen. But the female cannot get pregnant.
Well , my dear,as long as you don't cut the weiner of the dog he will be able to have the urge now and then..without producing Puppies.let him have this little bit of fun.
Yes it can happen. One of my dogs did!

The (spayed) female was on hormones for a medical condition and it made her "come into season" and the neutered male mounted and tied.
This is known as safe sex . rofl. My vet laughed so hard I nearly had to pick her up off the floor
Don't worry. He's just wishful thinking. Now our female aussie shepherd trying to hump things is a different matter.
its animal nature to. be playful.
Your golden maybe neutered but he doesn't know that. I have seen my male neutered cat mount an unspayed female. Can't really say if penetration occured or not. I don't believe the vet did anything wrong in the neutering process. Mounting behavior will go on around dogs as a sign of dominance, also. He would not achieve penetration if the female is not in heat. Unlike people they don't have sex for the pleasure but to reproduce. Having the female spayed will avoid any further penetration on his part.
Yes, they can but the female can't have any babies as a result. he is just a sexy boy lol

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