Sunday, August 2, 2009

Can a neutered male dog put off a scent to another male dog that is similar to a female in heat?

Every month or so my neutered male dog puts off a scent because my other dog that is not neutered goes crazy smelling him and smelling anywhere he has sat.
no.impossible. female dogs in heat produce estrogen/progestin. males only produce testosterone and ONLY when they are intact. may be that your neutered male has released his anal glands and that may be the scent the other dog is smelling. they use this gland to mark teritory sometimes.
thats kind of freaky, it he does its the first i ever heard of that
Some male dogs get tumors that excrete estrogen or estrogen like hormones. These are normally tumors of the testicle. Seeing as the dog in question is a male neutered dog it is unlikely to be Sertoli cell tumor. There may be another reason for your neutered male dog to be producing estrogen. I would suggest that you take him to the vet where they can give him a physical exam and test for estrogen levels. I would also suggest that your un neutered dog be neutered unless he is a high quality breeding champion dog.
your unneutered male might smell a female in heat.. unfixed males and smell that stuff for miles!
why don't you just get him fixed?
No but now it does not smell like a boy dog.So now the boy is just checking it out.

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