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Can anyone give me advice on my dogs?

Can anyone give me any advice on how to introduce my new puppy into our home? I have another dog that is 4 years old. He is very jealous of my new pup even though I try to show equal attention. They play well together but Manny (the older one) doesn't like Marley (the puppy) to get anywhere near me. I just don't want the older one to feel sad or upset. I am a dog lover and very sensitive to their feelings. I would save all the dogs in the world if I could. Help me if you can, please. Thanks
Give it some time. The older dog will get used to the pup. Dogs are pack animals. And when ever a new pack member is introduced there is a feeling out process and a pecking order to be established. When you give one attention the other comes over and tries to get in the middle of it right? This is normal pack behavior and can't really be helped. Just keep in mind that you must be viewed by the two dogs as the alpha member of the pack. But also keep in mind that there will be a order among the two dogs as well. And no matter what you do they will have to establish this among themselves. If one day they have a confrontation and they more than likely will i.e Growling, teeth bared. You must emmediatly do what we call the (Alpha Roll) to both dogs and hold them on the floor by the scruff of the neck until they have calmed down and submited to you. This will re-enforce the fact to them that you are the alpha pack leader and that you will not tolerate this kind of behavior from either of them. As soon as they submit let them both back to their feet and give calm praise and affection to both. This is possitive re-enforcement and is a reward for showing proper behavior. I have 2 dominant natured dogs a German Shep and a Dutch Shep. Both are law enforcement trained and are extremly dominant natured because of their breeding. But they both co-exist in the same house. But I had the same issue you had and this method does work. Now they are fine with each other. But you must be consistant. Pretty soon they will be inseperable.
well try to put your dogs in a room togather but try let them be alone.
PLease let me know what answers you choose.. send it to me. I too love dogs, i have four.i have the same problem with two of them. right now what we do at home is seperate them, but it gets hard. we alternate the dogs (when two go out to the yard; the other two come in the house, and visa versa) i feel bad that they the two dont get along.
According to Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer) you should take the dog (the new puppy) for a long walk before bringing him into your home. You need to let both dogs know that you are the pact leader by having a posive energy. When/if the new dog acts unkind toward the new puppy, "bite" (grab with your finger tips) and roll the dog on his back to let him know you are in charge. You should watch The Dog Whisperer on National Geographic channel. There just so happens to be a marathon on tonight, so hurry up and turn to it!
I know exactly what you are going through. I have a two year old rotty male and a two year old jack russell male and my husband brought home a two month old rotty male. It was interesting to say the least. Both of my older dogs completely ignored the pup except to beat up on him. I tried to seperate them all and give attention to them to try and keep the jealousy down. Then i started to incorporate games like fetch that involved all of them playing. they slowly started to acknowledge each other, but still continued to fight whenever i gave them attention or food. I seperated them for food times, and tried to spread my attention between them all. I dont know if there is any easy answer to this dilemma. They all started to relax and enjoy each other, and now they are usually ok. Sometimes i cant give the puppy attention without the other two getting up for attention too. I gues all i can say is just do your best and leave the rest to them- they will slowly begin to accept their order in their life and then everything will be easier. Good luck!
You don't tell us if your two dogs are the same gender (boy-boy, boy-girl, girl-girl) so I'm going to presume they're both boys. You also don't say if the older one is spayed or neutered, and if they're large or small or the same breed, or how long you've had the new puppy. :) so there's a lot of options here. Some general advice is -

First.. is Manny being aggressive to Marley? I mean serious, bare the teeth, angry growling, possibly snapping aggression? If so, then you need to be with them as much as possible when they are together. You should ALWAYS keep an eye on them anyway. Sometimes a larger dog is playing and don't realize that a quick snap might injure or kill a puppy. MOST adult dogs have a built-in tolerance for puppies and if Manny isn't really being mean, then things will most likely work out with time. Encourage and praise Manny when he is tolerant to Marley and also when they do play together. Be sure Manny has a place to get away from Marley for peace and quiet as puppies tend to be pests at times!

Second. be sure to give Manny some private time with you. Put Marley up in his crate and do something fun with Manny. Then reverse things and have time with Marley without Manny. Don't play with one in front of the other one - that's teasing. But do give each some one on one time with you.

More than anything else, time will work things out. They'll discover how much fun playing with each other can be!
Your older dog, at this point, is alpha by default due to the new addition only being a puppy. As this is the case, you need to make sure your alpha is getting treated as such. The first crack at everything essentially. Feeding first, attention first, and play time first. Sometimes an alpha dog will react like this if he is not being reinforced by the humans in the home as to his status and he feels the need to defend that status as a result.

Can anyone give me a little more info about Shelties?

I've read lots of info, but I'd like someone with personal experience, including how they act around other pets?
They are wonderful family pets.
My friend has one-she'll say, "BIG TRUCK" %26 her sheltie will run get on the back steps. This way it stays away from the drive way when someones coming in.
what is a Sheltie?
They like herding things, like to walk a lot, bark a lot, and are not very smart. (at least mine wasn't) Get a lab.
I know a sheltie named Jake.he needs to have a walk everyday or else he whines alot. He is very smart and well trained. He barks at all the neighbourhood dogs.but will play with them if off leash. He is also standoffish with strangers, but will let them pet him.
Shelties are WONDERFUL!!

Everyone gets along with Shelties.

Now being a herding breed, they want to round up everything and everybody. An assertive kitty who smacks one on the nose once will put a stop to that. They want to get along with everybody and once the kitty says "You HALT", they get the message and simply worry about where the cat is.

They get along with smaller and larger dogs (after all they herded sheep!)

They are happy, sweet, loving, .(hmm, get the feeling I'm a huge fan of theirs??)

In the brains and trainability department they are in the top 4 or 5 of all breeds in AKC obedience and agility competition. They are SO -O-O-O easy to train and so clever. (A big deal to a competitive obedience trainer and handler.)

Having one walk into the first day of my obedience classes made my day. I knew that Sheltie would be my star (even if the owner had two left feet and the attention span of a gnat.)

Their big hereditary orthopedic problem are luxating patellas (kneecaps) which can require surgery. It occurs nearly 37% of the time even in dogs whose fmailies have been routinely screened by xrays and OFA certification, and only the dogs who pass being selected for breeding. In the population of dogs whose families have not been so carefully selected, the incidence of the condition is far higher.

Another problem are eye conditions - all the ones other breeds have plus Collie Eye. YOu want to see CERF exam records on the parents.

In case you haven't found the ultimate source of information, go here:

That takes you to the National Breed Club which is the only club about the breed that is recognized and accredited by the AKC and it sets the standards for the breed . The Clubs' websites will give you an ENORMOUS amount of information about the breed - the good, the bad, and the why or why not to get that breed. The clubs websites also have:

(1) a breeders list - all of whom have agreed to abide by the breeders code of ethics (which you can read)

(2) a link to the breed rescue for their breed

Do give serious thought to adopting from an adult from a breed rescue. A Breed Rescue run by the breed club is not like the local humane shelter - the dogs are placed with volunteers knowledgeable about the breed and have care and attention lavished upon them. The clubs' breed rescues go to a great deal of trouble to determine the dog's temperament, personality, likes and dislikes (particularly kids and cats and other dogs in the household), HEALTH, and level of training. They make a huge effort to match the right dog to the right home - and if they don't have one they think will be suitable for your home, they won't place it. Great way to avoid the puppy training, newspapers, chewing.They have dogs that are purebred and part-bred (1/2 or so of their breed.) Dogs that come through rescue are so thrilled to have a forever loving home having once been abandoned to a shelter or rescue that they are typically extra devoted and loving. Dogs lose their homes for reason that are not their fault: death, divorce, a move and they couldn鈥檛 keep them, financial problems鈥?

If you decide to get a puppy, please use one of the breeders who are members of the breed club. A well-bred pet puppy may not be a candidate for the show ring (that nose being 1/8th of an inch to long or something else very picky) but they will be very healthy, the parents carefully screened for hereditary health problems ( and that involves a LOT more than a checkup at the vet) , and from a breeder who has devoted a great deal of time to understanding the breed and bloodlines. A responsible breeder will have a written contract with a health guarantee for hereditary problems; require that if for any reason you ever have to give up the dog that it comes back to them; and always be available for help, assistance and advice about your dog. Such a breeder will tell you if they don't think their breed is right for you based upon your needs. They want a perfect forever home for the puppies - not the money. (In 43 years in the dog show world, I have never known a breeder of that caliber who has made a profit on their dogs - it is labor of love.)

A puppy from such a breeder costs no more - and often less as poorly bred dogs tend to have very high vet bills over the years - than from a backyard breeder who doesn't do the health checks, knows nothing about the breed or bloodlines, doesn't give a guarantee, never wants to hear about the puppy again and has breed from mediocre or poor quality dogs.

You may find the breeder who has the type of dog you want but no litter on the ground at the moment. Most good breeders have waiting lists -get on it. You may find the breeder and puppy you want but at a distance. Among the really responsible breeders(members of the club) shipping a puppy is quite normal -they want the best possible home for the dog and the written contract is very extensive.

Do ask the breeders on the club list if they have any dogs they bred that they need to rehome - good breeders all require if the owner can't keep one, it comes back to them. It may be a dog they placed and it came back because the owner didn't have time, didn't realize how big it would get, got divorced.. It may be a dog who was a show prospect but as they grew didn't meet their early promise. It may be an AKC Champion they decided not to use in their breeding program because while it did get the Championship, they don't need more bloodstock or find a tiny conformation flaw they don't want to reproduce.

NEVER EVER buy from a pet shop. Those puppies came from puppy mills where the parents are locked in cages, bred until they literally die from it, never vaccinated, never wormed, fed just enough so they don't quite die of starvation, live in filth, never bathed or groomed or cared for, are typically of very poor genetic stock both physically and often mentally. The puppies are shoved off to pet stores with no vaccinations, no worming, no socialization or handling. You are buying nothing but heartbreak at a price higher than what a responsible breeder charged for a pet puppy.

I had a sheltie who we had to put down a couple years ago. We bought her a pug to keep her company, and she didn't like him at first, she would get nervous when he came around her, and then they started playing together. She was old and had arthritis, so she just sat there and every time the pug ran past her she would get excited and try to get him. She was very protective of our family. When nobody was home, she wouldn't bark when the doorbell rang, but when we were home and the doorbell rang she would go crazy. I don't know if this is common but every time she used the bathroom, it'd be like a river, and she'd keep peeing for like a couple minutes, but I don't know if this is common.

Can anyone give advise on my Weimaraner?

My dog has been diagnosed with IBS and up to a week ago was managing well on a hypoallergenic diet. Over the last week he has developed diarrhoea and I am wondering if anyone has any advise on the best course of action. I don't really want to take him to the vets because they will put him on a very strong course of medication which closes down his immune system, but in doing this causes horrible side effects. He is 2 years old and has had a pretty crap life medical wise. He always enjoys walking and is very affectionate, if you didn't see the diarrhoea you wouldn't think anything was wrong.
I would advise you to go to this site>
and write to Marina Zacharias..she is an holistic practitioner and is quick to answer emails, with the very vest of advice..She may not be able to ship to your country, but she can tell what you need and where you might find it..There have been great strides made using Omega3 fatty acids for IBS and other allergy driven conditions..Plus a number of holistic therapies that are so much safer then traditional medications..I asked her permission to post her information here, and she said she would be happy to help any dogs that she can..Consults are free, and invaluable.. she has helped me and my dogs many times..
Your veterinarian will know what to do much better than a bunch of random people on . You should take him to the vet and just tell the vet your concerns about his immune system. He probably has an infection of somesort. Anyhow, make sure that he keeps eating and his activity levels stay up. If he begins to be less active, you should take him to the vet right away because he may have something very serious.
I had a weimeriner! Let me give u a personal experience. when my dog was 3, (which we ironically named BROWNIE) he was hit by a car! His heart got inflated he broke 3 ribs and punctured an organ. well, I took him to the pet ER and they operated and got him started on medication which i didn't think was the best thing to do at the time. Well, $3,000 later, *gasp, choke* My dog got all better and sure, the medication did drop his immune system and he also lost his appetite. But 3 months later he gained all his weight back and he lived a long full of love life. Unfortunetly he passed away 6 months ago. But he lived until he was 13! He was a great dog! Weimeriners have such a great personality. Do what's best for ur dog, if he withstands the medication than he's a fighter, if you think he wont make it. sorry to say this but put him to sleep. Don't think about the money or urself. think about ur dog. Good luck
IBS will respond to aloe vera juice which will sooth the bowels. as far as the diarear,you might want to try well cooked chopmeat with all grease drained off mixed with rice. the dog still needs nutrition and the rice will help tighten his bowels..a chicken bouilion cube will entice him to eat and will add salt to his diet.pour dissolved cube with a little water over rice and meat..Give it a try..
The holistic person Chetco has recommed would be a great place to get info and help.
Weims have a lot of problems with allergies and digestive upset.
Stress can be had on them. IBS is a very tough balancing act. Anything can set them off. I agree with not wanting to go with the heavy meds unless you have to.
If it were me I would try to find someone who handles holistic or homeopathic treatments and see if you cna find something to help that way.
I have two Weims both are very healthy and I know how lucky I am.
Check out
I use a UTI free remedy on my cat and it works wonders for her. They carry many items for humans and pets and they may have something to help.

Can anyone give advise on finding stud dog?

For my Standard Schnauzer, I would like to breed her late next year, but have no idea how to find a stud, I have looked on kennel club web site but couldn't find any information.
Post a note on bulletin boards inside the offices of Vets! This is a great way to find a stud. Most Vets have a board for various reasons.
all you have to do is go to and type in " stud dog for sell". it will take you to a lot of sites.
if you bought your dog from pet shop, its a puppy mill product and no respectable breeder will help you. if you got it from a professional breeder contact them. Aren't there enough unwanted dogs to bring in more. I know you can make money from your dog but did you get it to make money or for a pet? 25% of all dogs turned into animal shelters are pure breds. Be a friend to your pet, get her spayed.
More information in your question would have allowed an easier answer. To start with, breeding animals should only be done by experienced people, who are breeding for temperament, quality, agility and appearance. If you're breeding just because you think it would be fun, cute, good experience etc. then please don't breed her. If you are a licensed breeder, than with your license and papers should have come a bunch of info for you. The pet population in the world is already too high. And chances are, if you're a back-yard breeder (even with good intentions) your pups will only grow up to be locked in a shelter. If you still insist on breeding, the AKC should have information on finding breeders. Look up a breeder and there you will find your stud. However, I can almost guarantee that a good breeder will not stud her male out to anyone who is not a licensed breeder.
Firstly you need to make sure that your b*tch is of good standard to breed from,this may mean attending shows that you can let the experts go over her.Age is also an important factor,no b*tch should be bred before they are at least two.
Why don't you get in touch with the breed club and ask there advice.You may also consider gonig back to your breeder,who can advise on suitable lines and stud dogs for your b*tch.
Also make sure that you can hand rear if necessary,that you have at least 拢2000 put aside so you can cover any vet expenses.
Please do your research before breeding and ask yourself why you want to breed.
If you are in the UK register with this website they will keep you informed of stud dogs in your area or further afield.
place an ad in your local paper, adtrader, freecycle ect
why do you want to bring more dogs into the world when thousands are put to sleep every day because they are not wanted? don't be so selfish.
First there is no such thing as a "licensed" breeder except maybe through zoning ordinaces or such.

That still doesn't change the fact the unless you dog is a top-flight specimen of its breed and being shown in AKC competiton to boot, no reputable breedr will allow you to breed to their dogs.

If you want to learn aboout the breed , go here:

And it you want to see what happens to Schnauzers who aren't lucky enough to come from breeders who require that anyone who gets a puppy from them and is later unable to keep it, must return it to them to be replaced, go here:

Unless your dog is a perfect example of her breed - and that has to be establisheed in the show ring as your opinion doesn't count - DO NOT BREED HER!

Talk to your breeder about how she turned out.

If she is a pet store puppy, forget it.
www, advertise stud dogs for every breed of dog, but breeding from a kc reg dog will only go on if the stud dogs owner checks out your ** properly as its not a good idea to just get two dogs together and make puppies as the new little pupps could have there tempermant affected and be lil gits and dangerous to kids or anyone to be honest, always check the breeding of a stud dog

Can anyone elses dog make a talking SOUND?

My son's Black Lab//Chow mix comes up to me and will "ask" for a doggie bisquit. We call them 'cookies.' But he will come to me and make a sound asking for some that sounds like hes saying "I wan" and other times he comes back and says "more"

And of course the whole time he's wagging his tail from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail.
When I was a teen, we had a 35 pound poodle that spoke a few words..She gave a very clear, 'Hello" when we came home, and would do it on command, as well.
I also had a rabbit that barked like a dog, and played tag, keep away, boxing, and tug o war.Really!
my cousins boxer says mama. Escpecially when someone asks were she is and he doesn't know.
I have seen in some dog trick books how some dogs can be taught to say things, lots of dogs do amazing things like save lives so why not say the odd word!
We have 2 chihuahuas and a boston terrier.the momma chi will "tell" us about her day when we come home. She also "groans" like a human when she is asleep..It is way cute!! I have seen dogs mimick their owners. Our chi will answer with a kind of coyote howl when we ask her questions. Ya'll have a cool dog! What is funny is that the boston will TRY to do the coyote howl and just can't quite get it. Have fun with him!!
I am sorry to inform you that your son's dog is not as special as you think him to be. When we hear "man/ woman's best friend" communication sound we tend to interpet them as familiar words and phrases.
my dog says in a Barry White voice."food now love." the only thing we hear is "food" but we know that he's that kind of dog. My dog is too smart for it's own good, he opens doors and can open his cage in under 10 seconds(we have given up on locking him in it). He also has a sense of humor. he likes to go into the pantry and steal the cookies(human cookies) and trot up to us with the unopened pakages as a bargaining tool.. once he gives it to us, he say's "food".
Yes,,my PeepSqeaky gets so excited,,thats the best time to train them.I told my brother,,Ill get him to learn "I wuvuuu" like a dog we saw in a video %26 now he does. :O)
Yes,my dog Scout can say mama,and I want it,when she wants a treat,and she can say out when she wants outside.At least it SOUNDS like she's trying to talk.Dogs are smarter then a lot of people think.
Not my dog, but the neighbor's dog. She's also a black lab/chow mix. I used to have pet rabbits. When I took them out back, the dog next door would start saying "rabbaaaats!". When I grilled, she would say "Ham ham hamburger" or "riiiiiibs!" (She knew what she liked I guess). One day, she was waiting outside their back door, wanting in, saying "Helloooooooo?"

Can anyone donate a puppy?

I want to study to be a vet and i'm in high school taking a class that wants me to get myself an animal that i could train and show. I've been looking forever and no luck. i'd prefer a small dog but yet i don't have the money. I NEED HELP!! PLEASE
How about volunteering at an animal shelter instead? A bit irresponsible of the school to ask you to get a dog when there are so many things that need to be, time, environment, other family members, etc.
I wouldn't get a pet if you can't afford it. It's a long term commitment and should the pet need medical care and you have no money you are going to be in some trouble. I would explain this to the teacher. I think its a bit rediculous that they want you get a pet for this reason.
Yeah, right. Being a vet has NOTHING to do with showing a dog. And no high school class is going to make you get a real animal for a class project.
Get a life!
Why would you need to show a dog to be a vet? Training a dog is another story, but this sounds more like somebody just wants somebody else to give them a small dog? One of the first things you would learn as a vet is that people who can't afford a dog can't afford a vet either.
try finding a shelter near you and doing foster care.its great, your helping an animal plus its helping you towards your career.good luck
Wow -- any high school class that requires its students to take on an animal life just for the purpose of a grade should be SHUT DOWN. When they want you to experience parenthood in Health Class they give you an egg or a sack of flour, not a live baby!

Living animals are not objects to be used once and disposed of! I 'd think -- as you are in a class for future vets -- that would be the first thing they teach! What about after the class is over? A small dog lives 12-17 years, and sometimes longer!

I'm not angry with you, but with your class admins and their curriculum. Were I you, I would protest.


ADDED: Hmm. Looking at the other answers, maybe you do have everyone going (well, at least me). I really do hope you're joking.
If you can not afford to buy or adopt a dog, how will you take care of the dog, volunteer, at the shelters and rescue and veterinarian offices as you will get more practical skill in a there then you will from having a dog.
I cant belive ANY school would want you to get an animal for a class project.why dont you tell your teacher that you will attend some dog training classes and volunteer at a shelter then write a paper on it complete with to a breeder in your area and maybe you could attend a show with them and even show one of their dogs in a class and write a paper or do a video of dont need a pet if you cant afford one !

can anyone advice me on what is the best pet insurance for our puppy?

He is ten weeks old and he is a labradoodle
The two most popular pet insurance providers are VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance),, and the ASPCA Pet Insurance, They both have plans ranging in cost from a few dollars a month for basic and/or emergency plans on up to full coverage plans that are higher priced. It's a good idea to get your new pup started on an insurance plan now since many of them don't cover pre-existing conditions. By signing him up now he has a better shot at being covered for any ailment that he may get, but hopefully he'll have a long, healthy life. Congrats on your new puppy!
This is always tough because there are so many different kinds. VIP seems like a good one. Also, the ASPCA offers pet insurance now and it seems good too.

They will give you a free quote online.
In general the best insurance is one that will cover the animal for life for any condition. Some companies cover for each condition only for a set amount of time or a set amount of money.
So if your dog had a long term health problem - e.g. hip dysplasia then they may only let you claim for treatment for one year or up to 拢2000 or so - then they put exclusions on your policy so you keep paying but cant claim for these problems and if you take out new insurance the problem wont be covered as its a pre-existing condition.
Look for insurance companies that `cover for life`

Obviously the better the cover the more expensive the insurance although you need to check the small print to make sure your getting what you want
I chose for my Shih Tzu.
If your funds are limited and your love for your pet is unlimited..ask your vet first! He may not recognize all kinds of insurance. My daughter's toy poodle had 2 breast lumps removed. Her bill was over a thousand dollars! Thankfully they worked out a payment plan she could handle.

Pet insurance is a wonderful plan! but check the coverage.
The SPCA has a good plan around 12-14$ a month for a dog. You can reach them online or call your local group..
We're big fans of Pets Best pet insurance. We had heard online that most companies only cover about half the bill so were willing to pay a few more dollars per month for the higher coverage, just in case of something big (like cancer or an accident, god forbid). Good luck!

Can Anyone Answer This? Dog Won't eat her food?

I have an 11 month old Bassett Hound and she refuses to eat her dog food. She has Hills Science Diet d/f. Before she wound just not eat but now she has resorted to eating the cat food. I have attempted to change her d/f, but heard all that switching is not good foer her. I have to hide the cat food because that is all she will eat..except garbage. Anyone else have this problem? HELP
Most dog will choose cat food over dog food anytime.
Move the cat fod to a place where she can not get it. Should be sort of easy just move it up high being a bassett she most likely can not get up high to well. (hopefully)
Put down her dry food and give her 20 minutes to eat. Take up what she did not eat and do not feed her anything until the next feeding time. Once again put down the food and give her 20 minutes to eat then take it back up.
Mine now eat when the food is put down and mine come and tell me when it is time to eat. One tries to show me her food bowl every time I am in the kitchen.
A normal dog will not strave itself to death. If you feed inbetwwen meals and give her something else when she does not eat you are training her to hold out for something better.
Get tough and give nothing except dog food for a few days she should get back to eating within a wek or so.
Good luck.
all dogs enjoy eating cat food. try mixing abit of cat food with her hills. or switch if you switch see doctor to which hills diet. %26 mix them together for a week so her body gets amune to the new food
You need to switch her food. She wont get sick or anything, maybe a little consitpated, but its okay to try new foods for her.
Try Pedigree, or something soft maybe even the wet food in a can.
Sounds like she knows she can get the cat food, and is holding out on you, I have had to put my cat food on the dryer, and allow the cats to eat up there, so that my female boxer would not eat that, my dogs are picky, but if you totally remove the cat food and perhaps, spinkle some cat food over her dog food, maybe that way you can convince her to eat, sprinkle less and less, til she is eating hers. Good Luck
well she may just like the cat food better than dog you should just probably let her the cat food.
My dogs have refused to eat their food too at times. Maybe because we've fed them human food. They get a real taste for that and will not go back to their regular food for awhile. Just be patient. When they get hungry again.they'll take their dog food gladly. Just keep testing her. She'll come around.
Another reason your Bassett Hound isn't eating, is because she may not be feeling well. Maybe she chewed up a sock. We've been through many problems with dogs and all things do pass eventually. Trust me.
Good luck!
Let me first say, don't let her eat the cat food. It's not good for dogs to eat cat food. I work for a vet and she, and our vet, has told us that it's not good for the dogs.

You might have to switch her food around until you find something that she likes. You don't want to switch all the time but since she isn't eating now you need to try something. Also, there are gravies you can pour over the dog food and that might encourage her to eat it. They are made just for dogs but be sure to watch how much you give her but liquids such as that can give a dog the runs. Sometimes I will pour a little bit of wet dog food over my dogs' food as a treat and they love it. As you get her used to eating the food you can start adding less and less of whatever you use to get her to eat it.
Put the cat food in places the dog cannot get to. Cat food is not good for doggies. I would also try to change the doggie food, if she wont eat doggie dry food try the canned stuff!
Maybe your dog is sick , or maybe it just doesn't like the way the dog food taste you should ask your vet. Some dogs do end up eating cat food cause it is softer at times; maybe your dog does not like hard food it probably has weak teeth an wants canned food . If it were my dog i would take it to the vet. an get it checked out what if your dog ends up having worms or something and that is the reason it does not want to eat his food. think about it.

Can anybody suggest a place in Arizona where I can spay my dog without spending a lot of $$$?

Discount Spay/Neuter
Gilbert, AZ
Pet cats and feral cats. No appointments necessary for ferals.
S/N Clinic
Mesa AZ

Spay Neuter Clinic
Tempe AZ

Pet Pride of Arizona (cats only)
Scottsdale AZ

Burke Vet Hospital
Tempe AZ
Need to be refered by AAWL, humane society, or Pet Pride.

Aztec Animal Hospital
Scottsdale AZ

Aloha Animal Hospital
Scottsdale AZ

Humane Society of Santa Cruz County
Nogales AZ
For feral and pet cats.

Good Samaritan Program
Tucson, AZ
Free spay/neuter for pets of qualified low income residents.

Humane Society of Tucson
Low cost spay/neuter clinic
3450 North Kelvin Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85716

Spay/Neuter Hotline of Arizona
Pima County

Animal Crusaders of Arizona, Inc.
PO Box 31586
Tucson, AZ 85751
Low cost spay/neuter for animals of low income people and for rescued animals.

Animal Defense League of AZ
Spay/Neuter Hotline
602-265-7729 Maricopa

Van Aken Pet Hospital
Phoenix, AZ

Maricopa Count Animal Control Services
City of Phoenix S/N Program
Low income people may qualify for free or very low cost spay/neuter services for their pets.

North Phoenix S and N Clinic
1610 E Bell Rd Suite 108 Phoenix AZ 85022

S/N Clinic
Phoenix AZ

Spay and Neuter Assistance Program
(S.N.A.P. Clinic)
1812 West Bell Road
Phoenix, AZ
Low cost s/n for every one. Also low cost vaccination clinics held twice a month.

HALO Animal Rescue
Phoenix AZ

Spay/Neuter Hotline of Arizona
Graham County

Spay/Neuter Hotline of Arizona
Yavapai County

East County Animal Guardian Angels Inc
Wellton AZ
Have you contacted the Humane Society or ASPCA? They will be able to do it for less money or suggest a vet who will.
the animal shelter
Contact your local Humane Society. They will have local contacts who will do it for free or a sliding scale based on your income.
How much does it cost in AZ? Whatever the cost, it is worth the benefits. Save up for it if you need to. It's under $100, right?
bassetmom has you way covered here! There's usually places around that offer discount spay/neuter for folks on limited budgets. We have one here we are spaying a stray we have placed into a good home now.
I don't know, but here in Nevada, if you take your dog to a shelter, they will usually spay or neuter for a very cheap price. NOBODY wants to work in a shelter. They want shelters to be a thing of the past, where there is no use for them. They want every dog on earth in a loving home, but unfortunately, it doesn't happen that way. Spaying and neutering helps cut down the pet overpopulation. There are TOO many puppies in shelters! So call a few animal shelters and ask how much they charge for spaying. It will be cheaper than taking her to the vet.

Please get your dog spayed soon. I just lost my 7 year old shih-tzu 3 weeks ago to pyometra, which is an infection i didn't know existed, but it's a very deadly one. It effects dogs which are about 7 years old, and it forms in the uterus after the heat cycle. I took her to a very bad vet, and he couldn't save her. Now i have a hole in my heart, and just memories of her. Please get her spayed asap! if you care about your dog, please do!! You have a responsibility to her well-being, and her life. Also, spaying also prevents breast cancer in dogs.


Can anybody say anything about NUTRISOURCE pet food?

I am from Portugal and this product has just been introduced in my country.From what i see on the net it looks pretty good. Nevertheless i want to get some personal feed back before i suply my pet with the food!Reply from any pet nuticionist would be appreciated as the vets "don't know much about history" if you know what i mean!
Well I looked at the ingredients for the Chicken and Rice formula:

Chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, brewers rice, barley, oatmeal, whole grain ground wheat, poultry fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols (a source of vitamin E), citric acid and rosemary extract), fish meal, beet pulp, digest of poultry, flax seed, whole dried eggs, brewers yeast, spray dried poultry liver digest, potassium chloride, salt, chelated minerals (iron proteinate, zinc proteinate, copper proteinate, manganese proteinate, cobalt proteinate, magnesium proteinate, yeast fermentation solubles), choline chloride, dried saccharomyces fermentation solubles, (saccharomyces cerevisiae, enterococcus faecium, lactobacillus acidophilus, aspergillus niger, trichoderma longibrachiatum, bacillus subtillis), maltodextrins and fermentation solubles), vitamins (vitamin A acetate, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, niacin, pantothenic acid, thiamine mononitrate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin supplement, menadione sodium bisulfite complex (source of vitamin K activity), folic acid, biotin, vitamin B12 supplement), glucosamine hydrochloride, vitamin C, chondroitin sulfate, yucca schidigera extract

It's an okay, not the best, but definitely not the worst. It starts with a real meat which is great. But it does have 2 types of animal digest (I tend to avoid it), and it has dried whole eggs (just eggs alone have the most benefits- not egg product or dried), and salt is a little too high on the list for me (it's put in for flavor- but isn't healthy). Other than that, there are no by-products, no sugar, no corn of any type- so if it's better than other foods you can find, I'd say feed it.
it made my dog poop all over the place

can any tell me a cure for dry and flaky skin on a diabetic poodle?

My dog had this problem as well, my vet gave a great solution. Flax seed oil added to my dogs food. It worked great .. It can be found at any healthfood store.. and some grocerie stores near the vitamins.. When I used the capsules i used one but I had a bigger dog, so You could buy the liquid and give 1/4 tsp at each feeding.. good luck
Oatmeal based shampoo and conditioners. I used to be a dog groomer for about 2 years and i was a vet tech for 3 years. As a groomer the oatmeal is what we used and it works!! Your poodle will love it.
I like a product called Resiprox. You can sometimes get it from a vet, a groomer, or you can find it online. It is a lotion that is rubbed into the skin.
There are tons of supplements on the market to give your pet for dry flakey skin. Most are generally safe. However, you should talk to your veterinarian prior to starting your pet on any supplements, especially since your pet has a medical condition. So, rather than asking the masses what they do, why not ask your pet's doctor. You would ask your doctor prior to changing anything in your if you were diabetic.
I have a chihuahua and the thing that works for her is Sulfodine medicated shampoo and conditioner for dogs. It works for her so check it out. Call your vet, if she is diabetic they can tell you if a reaction will occur. Don't think so but unsure.
A high quality dog food with healthy oils in it- like Omega 3 and 6- might help from the inside out. Look up Royal Canin MINI Poodle 30(TM) Dog Food and compare to what you are currently feeding.
Ask your vet if it would be okay to add Lanatone to your dog's food. Also ask about supplements for your dog's skin and coat and get a shampoo that is gentle and for dry, flaky skin. Avoid over-bathing.

can any one tell me about pecking order in dogs? how it works and will they fight?!?

i have had my 1 yr old male black lab cross for a few months and just bought a 3 yr old collie cross girl, they dont fight as such but i dont think they like each other, will they get on soon? any advice please? also they didnt meet on nutral teratory, is this a problem? my dog has been castrated but the female hasnt been nutered if that helps! thanx!
Most likely the female (older) dog will,for now ,be the more dominant of the two. When your lab begins to reach adulthood there may be a 'power struggle then. The best way to avoid or minimize a dominance issue between the dogs,*Is to CLEARLY establish yourself as the top dog or alpha dog. If there is any squabbling between them , break it up and discipline them both. As the Alpha dog ,you say "Who fights and when".When you have two dogs, there may always be some argument between them ,but usually it becomes "A SHOW" rather than a real fight. Watch "The Dog Whisperer" on the national geographic channel. Cesar Millan often discusses the importance of the Pack leader.
get the female neutered immediately. it will definitely help. the alpha dog (top dog) should always be you.
You mean you just bought a new dog straight into an established dogs territory? WOW! not something I would do and not just from the possible fighting point of view, your poor lab must feel like he's had his nose pushed out, %26 by an older dog no less, poor thing!
You should always introduce strange dogs on neutral ground! If it had been a puppy it wouldn't have been so bad. I'm not surprised you are having teething problems, please be careful!
unneutered females are exactly what that are in the dictionary.when the female establishes her terroritory things will calm down one of the other will be alpha as long as they know you are the boss to them.
your black lab is jealous of your collie,think about it he was your baby all by himself,then you brought another dog into his home and showed him you loved her to .you will have to be pack leader now and make a fuss of him first every time and put her second in everything you do then see if there is a difference you should have let them meet in a park or something .your fault really but the above may help you.And don't forget not all dogs like each other they are the same as humans.Just be firm with them time and Patience will help. good luck
You'll have to leave them now to see who is top dog they'll work it out there selves.
You'll have to give your black lab alot of fuss bless him, and the same for your new dog,good luck with them.
Generally dogs and bitches don麓t fight too much although there is always the personality of each one to consider. The lab should really be the dominant one as he is there first and also he is male (although in some cases the female can be more dominant if the male is weak willed).. I wouldn麓t worry too much about it now if they are not fighting.. later on there may be a fight or two and this may have to happen to establish whos the boss, just make sure you stop it before any of them gets seriously injured.. usually one of them will back down first before that happens.. one very important thing though.YOU must be the boss of both dogs otherwise things will get out of control. but chances are both dogs will work things out alone and will be happy living together as they will be company. (PS don麓t worry about the female not being neutered as this will make no difference to a castrated dog.. and one more thing. feed them seperately as most fights start over food and the dominant one will take it all leaving the other starving)
good luck!!
need to get the girl fixed. this will help. but there is ALWAYS a pecking order. watch your dogs. see who backs down first! she who eats first. you never want to mess with this. the alfa should always be pet first, feed first exc. if you leave the order the way it is spouse to be, there will be little fighting. if you try to change this, it will cause lots of trouble!! the alfa is not always the male!! the one who eats first and never backs done is in charge of the two!
It will take some time for them to get use to one another, let them do it on their own terms, and DO spend equal time with each of them. A lot of time jealous side can kick in and then you may have some problems. I had the same problem when I brought my new puppy home, my older dog wanted nothing to do with him. After awhile they started to play and spend more time together, but it did take a couple of weeks. Now they are completely inseperable and eat from the same bowls and chew on the same bones. The older dog is a pit bull and actually protects the Lab. But at first we thought it would never work, and it worked out perfectly. I would have the female spayed it will help cut down on some of the dominance issues.
In a dog pack there is an Alpha male and female. They control the other pack members movements, breeding and food. Domesticated dogs do not see us as humans or masters rather they should see you as the Alpha. You control their movements, their socializing, and their food. You are a member of the pack and you should be the alpha. That is one reason obedience is very important, if the dog perceives himself as the alpha you will have countless problems you do not want. As far as your dogs go they are pack members but have different hierarchy. Some dogs by nature are more dominant than others and that is present as puppies. Having your pet fixed cuts own on a great deal of aggression, they lose that drive ( to mate). When a dog "humps" a dog or even a person its not really a sexual thing it is a dominance thing.
hmm. In normal heirachy a female is always dominant over a male. A neutered animal is always subeservient as is a younger one. So given that your first dog is a younger neutered male, then he will be lower in the pecking order than the new female one. I would have her neutered too if you can as some females can get very moody when they are in season. If she IS dominant, you can avoid fights by accepting her position and make sure you feed, fuss, and walk her first and the boy dog last. That sounds mean but it isn't since your boy dog will be happy in his position and start to get anxious if you treat him first since the female will then have to punish him to restablish her heirachy. I have 6 dogs at present and have had up to 14. As long as they all recognise that I am the pack leader and I make the decisions, I am happy to accept whatever order they have decided for themselves and as such I have complete harmony. I can empty a sack of raw beef bones in the yard and nobody fights, tries to steal or defends their bone because they know that I won't tolerate fighting. So they all get on and take a bone and go off to eat it in peace.
Pack heirachy is fascinating and complicated and doesn't stay the same. If a dog is sick or gets old, their status may decrease.

Can any experts tell me what breed this is? I WANT one..?
Aww.. Come on Chetco..You've never heard of the Bich-a-mum? They are the newest desinger breed!
They claim they are the perfect dog! They "don't shed", are "hypo-allergneic" and always smell sooo good!! And you can get them for the low low price of $10,000! Complete with AKC papers..because they ARE purebred you know!!
I wonder how long before they are in the shelters with a tag that reads.Reason for surrender.owner was allergic to BEES!!

LOL cute.
uhm.thats a flower. But I guess the breed it's trying to resemble would be a Bichon Frise
Very very cute.
I wonder how much maintainance they are?
Lol It looks like a Bichon Frise to me. among the petals lol.
Chrysanthemum puppy-- but it really looks like a Maltese or part poodle or *-zhu (sp?) It is cute, huh?
A chrysanthemutt?
awww thats really cute. but its not real. its a dog's face photoshoped onto a mum.
These are not real. This is a photo fabrication.

Otherwise it would be a flower and sit in your flower bed and bark all day and bite the cats and dogs that tried to eat them.
emmm i would say that what you have here is,caninechrysantamumiumamion.. you find one let me know I fancy one myself .lol
I don't know but it sure is cute let me know if you find out.
It obviously is a touched up pic., but apart from that I have to agree it's a bichon frise among those petals. They have the cutest temperaments. I would study the breed before getting one though and make sure that's what you really want.
I got a mass email showing flower arrangements that were made to look like dogs.
Very cute.
That was one of them.
it definitely is a fabrication, it's a dogs face on a mum, look closely at the leafs on the flower. very cute though.
Chetco - how funny is it that people thought you were serious?? And had to explain to you that it wasn't a real dog. I guess that just goes to show you that we get used to asking stupid questions on here and don't notice when people are really kidding ;)
Well the real version would be a bichon frise.very cute dogs and sweet.
I think a computure mixed a picture of some kind of maultapoo and a picture of a white rose together.
yes..I think that is a peony with a dogs face on it.
lol-are they available in apricot and maroon as well?-rofl-very cute
that is really a cute picture !! isnt it amazing what you can do with a computer !!

Can any 1 give me any info on how to train a Lhasa Apso?

A Lhasa Apso is a type of dog. Looking to train in all areas.
The Lhasa Apso is a lovely little breed PROVIDING you make it clear from the word go that you are the boss. Some of these little dogs (I groom lots of them) can be stubborn and quite nasty. This is because they are let away with being naughty when they are puppies and as they grow older it develops into full blown aggression which is not good because it means you'll have a mountain to climb.

For starters there's trying to find a groomer that will de-matt a lhasa apso that behaves like a possessed lawnmower. A good trick is to always play with your dogs feet as these are problem areas at the groomers and you will have one happy dog and groomer if the job can be done without your dog jumping around like a lunatic. Also get your puppy used to objects like combs being in at its face and eyebrows. This will help a lot in acquainting him with something he MUST have done regularly for the span of his life.

If you don't discipline your dog properly when he is young he will grow up to be aggressive and just not a pleasure to own. So establish this firm but fair authority from puppyhood. If he is naughty, correct him.

For example if he bites, (this sounds cruel but isn't) give him a firm shake or two by the scruff of the neck. This is a psychological flash back to what his mother would have done, her control over her pups is carrying and moving them by the scruff of the neck. This will establish your place as the leader, the boss. Just make sure the shake is once or twice and not over zealous or cruel. In grooming this is an effective way of calming dogs that are taking the mickey and being naughty or aggressive, because the last thing we want is for a dog to bite the scissors and give itself a nasty injury, or injure us.

Biting is not to be confused with play biting, however. Play biting does not hurt, but when a real aggressive bite is given you will know about it - it is PAINFUL!! Lhasas especially have a painful bite and proper training will ensure that this situation is avoided.

So just remember to establish that you are the boss and don't be afraid to discipline him just because he is small and cute. Don't ever hit him or be cruel, discipline is achieved in more civilised ways.

Good Luck!
the lhasa apso dog that i used to have was very stupid, not saying that your dog is but ours was. i think it was because he was a mix. his name was wolfy, but we loved him anyways, try Man's Best Friend, or if you arelooking to do it yourself call the animal control center and they should have brocures as to how to do it and some tips that might make it easier on you and the dog.
The best thing you could do is to find a reputable trainer and take some classes in obedience. A trainer is so valuable as they can help you with any specific issues you want to address in your dogs behavior.

Tho we are also in a training class, I did some research on clicker training and gave it a try. I can't even tell you how impressed I am with this method! My puppy learns soooo much faster with this method. After trying it with just some internet research on how to and deciding I really liked it, I got the book "Clicking with your dog" by Peggy Tillman. Found it a Petsmart. It's very detailed and gives lots of diagrams to follow and guide you thru clicker training.

We are now in an Obedience Confirmation training class and our trainer teaches via clicker training. We've just recently taken in a lost dog, who has had no formal training and in 15 minutes of working the sit command with the clicker, she had it down.
Quite the contrary with my full blooded Llasa Apso. She was very intelligent and was a wonderful dog and easy to train. I had her 15 years and she gave me great companionship and was a very good dog before she went to doggie heaven.
First of all, you have to let them know who is boss. Be stern with your commands, not mean. They will learn over time what you are saying and want them to do. When he does it right, reward him. As far as potty training a dog, I did the paper training to the door and then started putting her outside. She caught on fast.
I miss my doggie!
Get that new book "The Dog Whisperer" it is great.have had lots of dogs but my most recent one was a real challenge so I got that book and it worked.
They're actually one of the more intelligent breeds. Just tell the dog over and over what you want them to do and lead them to the door, etc. and within no time they will do it.

Can an older person handle a labrador retriever?

I'm friends with this older lady (65, good health, needs to lose a little weight) %26 I'm thinking of getting her a lab from the shelter. It would give her a chance to walk every day (for her health) w/o an excuse. But I'm wondering if a lab may be too high energy or hard to maintain for an older person? She could def. take it for 1/2 hour walk once or twice a day, but she also spends a lot of time on the couch (do labs like to sit on the couch at all?)
My first question would be, does your friend want a dog at all? My second would be, shouldn鈥檛 she be the one that goes to the shelter to pick the dog? It is important for a dog and its owner to feel a connection and the best way to do this is to meet the dog before you bring it home.

Labrador Retrievers can make good pets for any age person鈥攁 lot depends on the person and the dog. I have known many Labrador Retrievers that are very calm and obedient once they reached about three years of age. Young labs need to spend a lot of energy and would probably be a bad choice for someone with limited space. Labs are very intelligent and were originally bred as hunting dogs that sat at their master鈥檚 feet near the fire after a long day of hunting. They are great water dogs and love to swim. They are fearless and yet very gentle. I have never heard of a lab attacking a person.

Talk to your friend about it before you do anything鈥?Good luck
why dont you adopt and OLDER dog for her, it will already be trained and mellow, and it will save that poor animal from being killed, I think its something to consider
before i gave someone a dog i would talk to them and make sure they want the responsibilty of owning a pet. age should make no difference
That all depends on the dog, but it will be a great idea if she would go for a walk with the dog even if it is just around the block.
If the dog is properly trained and obedient any dog would be fine. They use labs as guide dogs for the blind. Spending time on the couch would be ok as long as it gets in some exercise throughout the day.
why dont you adopt and OLDER dog for her
Labs are a working dog and want to be doing that when they are young. Sitting around all day doing nothing is not a happy life for them. Get her a lap dog.
They are the gentler of large dog breeds and protective
It's a very nice gesture on your part, but why not you and her go for a walk every day then bring up the subject of getting her a dog.
Get Her an older lab. Puppies have a lot of energy. My lab is getting old. He just lays around all day. He doesn't even bark anymore but every once in a while. But make sure she wants a dog first!
depends on what breed of lab you get her.. English female is a good choice. Abby is and short legged english lab she has always been calm. Lays around like a big puddle. Uplanders are long legged labs that are mostly used for hunting this is a bad choice. From a shelter u would be able to tell or from a lab rescue they would have more knowledge and could lead you to the right dog for you.
Labs are a high energy dog,they require lots of exercise,and attention to keep them from becoming bored,and destructive.(usually chewing)As in any breed there are exceptions to this,but as a rule of thumb,thats what Labs are like.
If labs aren't trained properly they can be extremely high energy and definitely won't like sitting around. Either check into an already trained dog or pick a smaller one. No matter what the size of the dog she can still take it for walks everyday. But the most important thing you need to do is talk to this woman and find out her opinion on the matter or else the dog could end up as a stray or back at the animal shelter.
Read Skydogs answer first - Labs are used by disabled people as helper/companion dogs IF THEY ARE PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED. My parents are in their 80's and have a wonderfully calm male lab puppy. BUT they need attention and need to 'work' everyday. Labs are like other purebreds and will test their masters to see what they can get away with, but otherwise, they can be perfect. Please make sure you get a purebred Lab, if possible, from the shelter. Again, make sure she wants a dog.
A lab wouldn't be my first choice for an elderly person, and especially not a lab pup.Does she even want a dog?
If so, maybe she would be happy with something small, every dog needs exercise, so she can walk a small, more mellow dog, probably a shih-tzu, they make wonderful companions.
I think a lab would be alittle bit too high risk of a dog for her. Unless he was trained really well. I would go for a smaller shih tzu or lhasa apso. Maybe even a poodle of some sort. Those small dogs will provide her with exercise without ripping her arms off if the dog pulls. Labs aren't good couch dogs for older ladies. Definitly go for a smaller breed like mentioned. But make sure she wants a dog before you get her one. Take her with you to pick out the pooch, so she can have exactly what she likes.
I think an lab would be a perfect dog for someone older.
I think you should find out if this lady has ever owned a large dog before. Also, is she financially able to support a large dog's food requirements, vet care etc etc. Does her yard have a high fence? Most labs are excellent jumpers and go right over a 4ft fence. I think your idea is excellent, however, you need to discuss this with her before proceeding.

Don't assume because a person is older they can't handle a high energy dog. There are a lot of factors to consider here. It depends on the person, whether they want a dog in the first place, and what shape they are in. Also whether the dog is trained or not. I have a 110lb Lab.that goes for 3 or 4 mile walks with me several times a week, and swimming when it is possible. I am 300ft.back from the road, and the dog has free run of the property, and never goes to the road unless I am with him. I am 70yrs old, work out on a bow flex twice a week, split wood by hand for my wood stove. Cut my lawn with a walk behind mower, and try to use my Nordic Track on days I don't go for walks. This lady you are talking about, could probably handle a Lab. If it was trained for her, but I see ladies walking small dogs on leashes now and then when I go for walks with my dog. I walk on a dirt road which is sparsely traveled by cars, so I leave him free to chase a stick that I throw for him as I walk along. When a car does come, he is trained to stop where ever he is in the woods , or walk over and sit beside me until the car goes by, and I tell him to move. Hope this helps you decide !
I'm 52 with a permanently damaged right shoulder (sports) and 98 lbs. I boss my 115 lb Kuvasz around all the time. he says "yes mam!" and does exactly as he ought.

One of our kennel club members is 70 and competes her labs in upper- level AKC obedience and field trials.

Can an animal get sick from me being sick?

Can my babi's dog get sick from him. my man man's dog loves him and is always around him. could the dog get sick from him?
I hope not baby 'cause no matter what I do I can't keep her away from me..wherever I am,Jersey has to be.Im lucky I can go to work without her..I swear she thinks she is either my mom or my girlfriend.Due for a trip to the vet anyway(shhh,dont tell her that)so no matter what it will be all good.I love u habibi MUAH!
no animal can not get sick if you are because their minds run different
no, dogs have different immune systems, so a dog can't get sick from you and you can't get sick from your dog.
No that can't happen
RABIES and worms are the only things you can transfer from people to pets
I can not think of anything that a person could pass on to a dog, other than ringworm, that the person wouldn't have gotten from an animal to start with. Colds and human illnesses will not infect dogs.

Can an american terrier pitbull's apetite be affected by not being dewormed?

It certainly can.. His tummy won't feel like eating as much..And, of what he does eat, the worms steal much of the nutrition..
any dog can feel sick from having intestinal parasites. Do you understand that intestinal parasites live in the intestinal tract? Don't you think would feel a little crummy if you had intestinal parasites??
Yes. If you don't get your dog wormed he may eat less because the worms are crowding his stomach and intestinal tract; or he may eat more because the worms (such as tape worms) are stealing the nurtition he needs from the food.

Get your dog wormed. It's inexpensive, easy, and it may save your dog's life.
yes my rottweiler had worms the vet said the worms take the nutreant out of their food so the want to eat MORE
i have a american staffordshire pitbull terrior,and the only time his apetite is affected,is when he's sick. I dont know if not deworming it affects it,but he might slow down the way he eats.
Yes, worms can affect any dog's appetite. Take a fecal sample to the vet so they can check and see what kind of worms your dog has and prescribe the correct medication to take care of the parasites. Your dog will thank you!

Can an American Bulldgog be left outside in cold weather?

They have no doghouse and have even been left out in the rain. They are outside until at least midnight. The State is Michigan.
Sounds pretty cruel to me
No take that poor baby in the house!!

Too you want to stay outside??
I know that Michigan has an SPCA, why not call them and find out what they'd say and do if they saw the dog outside in the cold with no dog house.
No, I live in Alaska and that is a big fat No. No dog should be left out in extremes either way, besides, he's a family member and should be in the house. Maybe your neighbors just don't want to deal with him. They can be a bit destructive if not trained properly.
No and you need to call the ASPCA or animal control or whatever you have in your state.
No. Not with out shelter. There dog needs a dog house and preferably something covering the door to block the wind. They could also put some hay in the dog house too to add to installation.

American bulldogs are short haired and do not have a lot of fat to keep them warm. not providing adequate shelter is very cruel.
i imagine he might get cold.. :)
do you leave him out all night long?
i mean for awhile sure but not all night
They do okay with shelter and food and water, but without the basic needs it is animal cruelty. Report them.
It is a misdemeanor. Check out this website. The owner could be jailed for 93 days, or fined $1,000 or Community Service for 200 days, etc. You should file an anonymous complaint on these people!
I assume this is a neighbors dog.? I hope, because this situation is very cruel to any dog, let alone a thin-coated breed. The dog has to have some sort of protection, in the form of a doghouse preferably..With blankets or straw to insulate it. Of course, I would never have a dog outside in general..but that's just my opinion. Please call your local ASPCA or Animal Control and get help for this animal!
This is animal cruelty and should be reported right now, if you are doing this STOP IT NOW! If it is someone else then
This breed sis short haired and should not be left outside.
They must have some sort of shelter and food and water.
I would be calling the ASPCA to report this abuse.
Hell yes, look at Mike Gansey, he is a true bulldog and is a machine.
I know Mike Gansey, and he is no bulldog. His b!tch azz would freeze to death, just like that punk Pittsnogle. Calling Gansey a bulldog is offensive to bulldogs everywhere.
They need shelter, but are farm working dogs from all sorts of weather. I would be very upset if my neighbor didnt have a dog house for an outside dog.thats just mean!
You know these dogs can have breathing problems and I can't imagine extreme heat or cold would be good for it.
Absolutely NOT! If it is not your dog then report them to the humane society. All dogs should have access to clean dry shelter, but most importantly if it is cold AND wet then you have a problem, they could actually die. Get these idiots reported. If they are your dogs then hand them into a shelter where they can be cared for properly.
NO NO NO. Dogs should not be left outside like that! If they are your neighbors, call whatever animal service can help or tell them nicely if they do not or cannot care for the dogs, you will help them find the dogs a great home. When outside, they have to have shelter, clean water. If there is snow, they should not be left outside --- they can die. How cruel.

can all dogs swim?what about cats?

Most dogs swim, but not all of them like water. Cats can swim when necessary, but if they don't have to, they'll avoid water. I had one cat that loved to join me in the tub and would sit on my chest just above the water line. If I sank just a little lower in the tub, he'd jump onto my head.
some dogs can swim. cats hate water.
That would be like saying that all humans can climb mountains.
Not all dogs can swim, some actually hate the water.
While most cats I know don't like water, I have had one that liked to swim and would jump in the tub every time I ran a bath if I left the bathroom door open.
no, not all dogs can swim. I had a standard poodle mix that loved water but could not swim. She would just splash around in one spot trying to climb onto the water, she never figured out that her legs were supposed to stay under the water not splash the surface.
My brother and I had to jump in and save her on more than one occasion.

Can a rawhide bone make my dog have bowel trouble?

Gave her a rawhide bone, shes constantly chewing it, and shes now having accidents in the house..BAD ones.
Yes it definately can. Rawhides aren't good to give dogs. They can cause diarreha, constipation,vomiting, choking hazzards and bowel obstruction./blockages. Also many have been chemically treated. so can otherwise make your dog ill.
If it is real greasy it will.
yes and lots of other troubles to . dont give him rawhides.
ask your vet I have never heard of that. It may be coincidence
Yup. For my dog I just let him chew on it for a bit and then pick it up because it is totally obsessed with the bone and will just chew it all day.
Yes, rawhide can cause all kinds of problems. One of my dogs almost choked on one, and from that day more rawhide. Prior to that, she would vomit up this white stuff after eating rawhide.

I stick with nylabones instead, it's much safer in my opinion.
she could be allergic to the contents of the bone
Instead of rawhide, try a huge knuckle beef bone. It will take her forever to chew on one of those bones. You can pick one up at Walmart, a pet supply shop. Just make sure it is huge. Also have you checked her for worms. Sounds like you might need to worm her.
Some dogs just can't handle it. Mine gets the poops. No more rawhide for her. And depending it can cut them as well.

sometimes when they chew the bone, they swallow big peices of it hole.

my dog almost choked on a piece when he was chewing it.

i suggest that you not give her it anymore and just replace it with a chew toy that has flavor, or a bone that doesn't easily break apart.

good luck!
I am not a fan of rawhides. I give my dog things that he can chew on that do not break off or splinter. He once got a piece of rawhide stuck in his throat and that was the last time for that.
Rawhide bones are not good they will not dissolve they will stay in the stomach.

Can a pitbull climb or jump a 4 foot chain link fence?

I have chihuahua's i let out front to go potty.I stand outside with them and let them back inside when done so there inside dogs.
Easy peasy. Even 6 foot wouldn't be 100 percent safe.
Yes-most could they are nimble and athletic.
my pit can jump really high. especially when playing. he can jump about a little over 6 ft and hes 3yrs old. but hes a very nice dog and loves people and other animals( especially other dogs)
yes and they also like to dig. If the problem does occur, Please dont put him/her on a chain that is the worst thing you can do. Just make a dog run only if you have to. digging, just tie the two middly toes together (not tight) just comfortably, b/c when they dig their toes spread and give him/ her a week or so and they will figure out that they dont like to dig anymore. they are very smart so you may have to do that a couple of times they will figure you out.
yeah they do do that sometimes.
Yes. In less time than in took to type your question. Many breeds would be over the fence in a flash, especially any of the sight hounds who would see a chi as prey.
A pit can get over anything and if they can't get over it they will chew through it. Be very careful!
yes they can but why are you worried about it? is there one that is trying?if not please stop giving in to media hype that makes all pitbulls out to be bad! a lab could jump your fence and do just as much damage!!
Absolutely a Pit can jump a 4 foot fence. I've seen dogs this size jump fences even higher.
Some Depends on the dog. Ive met some that have no problem with a six foot, and some the could barely get over a two foot.
A 4ft fence can easily be climbed or jumped by most large breed dogs.
First of all, you don't really describe the whole scenario for readers to figure out what the real story is. Do you have a previous incident with that particular pit? Do you have the tipical yapping chihuahua that anoys anything and anybody? I don't want to sound defensive, nor distrusting of your word, but we really need to know facts in order to send sugestions and answers. the way I see it is the way it happens in my neighborhood. little miss thing with her chihuahua comes down the street, cell phone in one hand stuck to her ear, and leash in the other with the little monster charging at anybody or anything that moves. provoking and challenging even the big dogs. little chihuahuas, schnauzers and pomeranians tend to be little divas, and then something happens and owners come on the news crying and claiming emotional trauma. if you take the time to train your dog to be civil and sociable, this kind of problem might not be a problem. my neighbor has the two most amazing rescue pitbulls and they are a couple of sweethearts. they've been trained and socialized, their behavior is just amazing, I believe they should be the poster dog for this breed, still she'd had her share of complaints from a couple of "concerned neighbours", the dog behaviorist came over and gave her an outstanding review. Even when you have inside dogs, you need to take them for real walks on a leash, let them waste some of that energy, and let them get acquainted with people and other dogs.
uh.YES!! 6' is a MINIMUM!
my pit bull has jumped over privacy fences with ease so the answer to your question..definitely
If they want to they can. I would continue doing what you are doing - staying out with them until they are done and taking them back inside.
Easily. Some could clear it, just about any pit could climb it.

can a nine month old pitbull get a dog pregnant?

Absolutely! They can impregnate a female as soon as their little testicles drop. You can get a dog neutered at age 4 months if that tells ya anything :)
Yes if its a male
yes if its a male
its rare but i say yes..i raise pitts and it has happened..
Yes. If he's old enough to breed he's old enough to make unwanted puppies. He's old enough to be neutered - get that done right away. Nobody needs any more poor pit bull puppies that nobody wants.
Oh Yes. But he is too young to accept parental responsibilities.
yeah its old enough
Yep, sure can. Expect pups in about 63 days.
Oh YES indead --- (1) expect puppies (2) split the responsiblity for the cost of vet care for momma dog %26 for raising the puppies %26 having them properly wormed, etc. and help to find them good homes (3) have your dog Neutered so you can avoid this in the future
Ask the vet.
Yes! Why do you and your neighbors not have your dogs spayed and neutered?

Can a newborn pitbull puppy have fleas?

As far as I'm concerned any pitbull can have what he likes. I'm not going to argue.
Yep. And avoid over the counter flea remedies. These can be very bad for pups. See your vet for how to deal with this.
yes of course, take him to the vet.
Yes as long as there is fleas around they can have them, but you should try to keep the pup flea free, because you don't want them to get real sick from a bite. Fleas do transmit disease. Take him to the vet ASAP, don't treat him with store bought stuff.
Yes, and check with the vet before treating mom or the pups with any meds/shampoos. Also, I'd contact a vet anyway, they can very quickly become overrun with fleas, which can cause anemia amongst other things which will kill the puppy.
They wont be born with fleas but if the area that they are born into is infested with fleas the fleas won't care if it's a itty bitty puppy or not!
sure.. why not
i have a full blooded pit (2 yrs), 3 boxer pit puppies (well, just turned 1 year), and a 3 week old boxer pit puppy. they all have been treated for fleas. not the new puppy. but there are still fleas outside. especially the eye area as they begin to open them and have the moisture there, the fleas will be drawn there. You can get some skin so soft, or baby shampoo and warm water and bathe the puppy. it will get them off (use small comb as well). but will not prevent them from coming back. just dont keep the puppy away from mom too long or she will no longer care for it
Yes and you want to nip this in the bud as fast as you can. The pups will lose a lot of blood from this, mom will be hurting too. I'd get rid of all the bedding. Give mom a bath, check for safe to use flea powders, etc. If all else fails, pick them off--and get rid of them.
YES clean ALL the bedding and call the pet store for best treatment suggestions.
yes there is a possible chance because if the mother has fleas or if there is fleas around your house they can possible get in the bedding of where the mom dog gets ready to have the puppies just take them to the vet and they can treat it right away it wont kill them but if they do get alot more than they expect then it could possible eat them alive just get it checked before it gets way to bad
yes they can and the fleas can kill baby;s fast.. go to the vet and ask what flea stuff is good for a baby puppy good-luck

Can a neutered male dog still penetrate a female??

We have a neutered male golden retriever that penetrated a female golden this morning. Is this common behavior for a neutered dog? I am now a bit concerned that perhaps the vet did something wrong when he was neutered over 6 months ago. We are going to have the female spayed next week, since we just adopted her.
Neutering a male dog only removes his testicles; nothing is done to his penis, so technically he can still penetrate a female. A male dog may still have the mounting behavior, even all his life, particularly if he is older when neutered. Spaying your female will also help because the male dog recognizes the pheremones given off by an unspayed female.

You may want to make sure with the vet that the vet removed both testicles. Sometimes a testicle can be undescended and require further surgery. It's more likely, though, that once your female is spayed, the behavior will lessen.
It can and does happen. But the female cannot get pregnant.
Well , my dear,as long as you don't cut the weiner of the dog he will be able to have the urge now and then..without producing Puppies.let him have this little bit of fun.
Yes it can happen. One of my dogs did!

The (spayed) female was on hormones for a medical condition and it made her "come into season" and the neutered male mounted and tied.
This is known as safe sex . rofl. My vet laughed so hard I nearly had to pick her up off the floor
Don't worry. He's just wishful thinking. Now our female aussie shepherd trying to hump things is a different matter.
its animal nature to. be playful.
Your golden maybe neutered but he doesn't know that. I have seen my male neutered cat mount an unspayed female. Can't really say if penetration occured or not. I don't believe the vet did anything wrong in the neutering process. Mounting behavior will go on around dogs as a sign of dominance, also. He would not achieve penetration if the female is not in heat. Unlike people they don't have sex for the pleasure but to reproduce. Having the female spayed will avoid any further penetration on his part.
Yes, they can but the female can't have any babies as a result. he is just a sexy boy lol

Can a neutered male dog put off a scent to another male dog that is similar to a female in heat?

Every month or so my neutered male dog puts off a scent because my other dog that is not neutered goes crazy smelling him and smelling anywhere he has sat.
no.impossible. female dogs in heat produce estrogen/progestin. males only produce testosterone and ONLY when they are intact. may be that your neutered male has released his anal glands and that may be the scent the other dog is smelling. they use this gland to mark teritory sometimes.
thats kind of freaky, it he does its the first i ever heard of that
Some male dogs get tumors that excrete estrogen or estrogen like hormones. These are normally tumors of the testicle. Seeing as the dog in question is a male neutered dog it is unlikely to be Sertoli cell tumor. There may be another reason for your neutered male dog to be producing estrogen. I would suggest that you take him to the vet where they can give him a physical exam and test for estrogen levels. I would also suggest that your un neutered dog be neutered unless he is a high quality breeding champion dog.
your unneutered male might smell a female in heat.. unfixed males and smell that stuff for miles!
why don't you just get him fixed?
No but now it does not smell like a boy dog.So now the boy is just checking it out.

Can a male unneutered dog be a good pet?

Sometime soonish I will be getting a dog - quite possibly a big 'un like a German Shepherd. I want a male. However, I don't like neutering animals. So my question is, can I keep an unneutered large dog in safety? Will he be very aggressive or hard for me to control when we come across other dogs, etc? SERIOUS input would be great, thanks.
Yes, non-neutered dogs can and do make good pets. Spaying and neutering seems to be the politically correct thing to do these days. As you can see, there are a range of reasons why you should neuter your dog, not all of them are based on fact I'm afraid. A lot of what you have been told is because that is what they were told for whatever reason.

I am of the opinion that you don't spay or neuter your pet unless it's absolutely necessary ie: an emergency. There are studies coming out now that show that being altered doesn't necessarily mean a healthy dog. They have a higher risk for some cancers, they can actually be more aggressive then unaltered dogs and altered pets may not live as long as their unaltered counterparts.

Most people that say to alter your pet will likely say get it done at 6 months or sometimes earlier, some people will say to do as early as your vet will do it which can be 8 weeks old. Vets are now finding out that spaying to early can cause a bunch of problems. Large dogs aren't physically mature until a much later age then smaller dogs. Altering them to early can cause growth issues, which in turn can cause orthopedic problems.

Here are a couple articles to read over:

It's always best to make an informed decision. When you pretty much only get one side, it's hard to make an informed decision.
What do yyou have againsy neutered animals? It keeps them healthy, not to mention decreases the pet overpopulation.
Spaying and neutering helps dogs and cats live longer, healthier lives.
Spaying and neutering can eliminate or reduce the incidence of a number of health problems that can be very difficult or expensive to treat.

Neutering eliminates testicular cancer and decreases the incidence of prostate disease.

This is not something that suits our needs. It is for the health of our pets.
Just train the dog from the start to be gentle. It is all in the training. Be careful when playing with him not to be too rough because this can trigger aggression.
He'll be a lot more aggressive. If you want the challenge, risk your dog knocking up someone else's dog, and dog semen everywhere go right ahead.
What do you have against neutering a pet?
If the pet is fixed they will be calmer, live longer and be healthier plus they won't be able to produce adding to the surplus population of unwanted animals.
i would think that if u neuter a dog that would make them more aggressive.who wouldnt flip out if people were messing around with their jubblies
I have had one for 7 years. Have had no trouble with him. He's a wonderful pet. Hes also good around other dogs.
i have a boxer cross mastiff dog and he is not neutered.. he is no bother at all, he lets my kids climb over him and is so soft..he also is quite good with other dogs.. all he wants to do is play.. i think it depends on the owner and how the dog is treated. good luck anyway.
Yes, he will be a good dog, if properly trained.
You would be much better off having him neutered, though. Unneutered dogs are more aggressive, develop health problems sooner, and reproduce animals that are usually unwanted.
Whether you like it or not, it's still the best thing for the animal.
Seriously neutering does NOT influence a dogs' personality. Its safer to neuter for a couple of reasons: no unwanted puppies, he'll be less apt to walk around the neighbourhood looking for females in heat and another very important reason is it basically eliminates his chances of getting PROSTATE CANCER. Also, he'll be aggressive if you train him to be or if he isn't socialised with other dogs from a young age. So, train him early, in fact try and find a puppy socialisation class in your area (ask your local vet), have him neutered at about six months, treat him with respect and you'll have a great dog.
with any dog you must establish who is the pack leader. some unneutered males will always challeng that spot. neutering generally helps with the wanderlust that strong willed males have a tendancy for. it is all in the training. if you are not ready to spend your waking hours working with the puppy, get a cat.
Pretty much no. He will be full of hormones %26 pretty much try to be dominant over you. This is a disaster, especially in a big dog as they're so powerful %26 potentially dangerous. You really have to be the boss of a dog, especially an intact male. Anytime you'd be out walking he'd be likely trying to get off the leash %26 do his own thing or if he came across another male he'd be likely to get stroppy with it. Your backyard would also suffer because he'd be trying to escape at any opportunity.
Why are you against desexing? It's a quick surgery which prevents problems relating to hormone based issues such as the aggression or humping things. It's best to have his testes removed while they're still healthy otherwise he could get cancer %26 it would spread.
What if he got out %26 made some puppies? There's so many unwanted animals in shelters that many are put to sleep, many more than find homes. I know you wouldn't have to deal with it as such but could you live with that on your concience.
Plus registering your desexed dog is much cheaper!
I hope you can see the benefits of desexing your dog to be.
i have had a male unneutered dog for seven years now, he is a pure bred Border Collie and has been very placid since the day i got him, i have never seen him be agressive to other dogs or humans for no reason. I have only recently in the last two years gotten him a female companion, as he was having medical difficulties due to the fact that he had never been bred. i was told he would either need to be nuetered or i would have to get him a companion, this, i was told, is very unusual, and often doesn't happen until a male dog is in his late years..the only real thing i feel you would need to worry about is 'leg humping', but with appropriate training, it shouldn't be a problem, my dog only did it in his early years when he was still a Border Collie 'Holden' and i are now inseperable, as he has saved my life many times, taking the unwanted runt in was the best decision i ever made. If you are prepared to spend at least an hour every week training your dog, you shouldn't have any problems. If you want to know any more, or wish to see pictures of my dogs, please e-mail me Good Luck. Glory
Ok well here's my opinion.First of all how old will the dog be? If a puppy, fine then there is a chance to work with him and instill good behavior. If an adult dog this will be a definite challenge and quite honestly one you may not conquer. Now I have a male black pug, much smaller dog I know, but he was fine before I ever thought of fixing him. Then when he was about 5 years old I bought a female pug and shortly thereafter he was mounting her 24/7. I immediately had to get the both of them fixed. He is very healthy and happy with her. As with your case I have found that having larger dogs can be more challenging. Is this going to be an indoor dog?? If not, I had two outdoor dogs that were not fixed and I had a horrible time trying to keep them in my yard. They ran away constantly in search of "tail". I definitely appreciate your feelings towards keeping a dogs natural state but do want to warn you that having a male un-neutered large breed of dog sounds very challenging. Hope this helps..
That is your own choice to nueter or not, so just ignore those who criticise! Anyways, you need to start today, train your dog to be on good behavier. Walk him regularly around other dogs, controlling him and teaching him how not to act. Also, he will be a more energetic type of dog because of this, so just be prepared to deal with his excitement without becoming impatient. Good Luck!

PS I have an un- Nutered St. Bernard. he is big, and strong, but we trained him from a pup and he is very behaved, especially out in public!
Unnuetered males tend to be more aggressive, I find this even more common in breeds like gsds, sorry to say. If you want to give your dog the best possible life, and more of a chance to be social with other pooches (in case you get another or what have you), he should be neutered. He will be more focused on you b/c he won't have the drive to impregnate things, also he'll be less dominating towards you, your family, friends, other people's dogs. It does make them harder to control especially if you are in a situation with another unnuetered male, even more so if a female in heat is around. Unnuetered males are WAY more likely to get into a fight if they smell a female in heat around.
MAles can be great, but also a challenge to live with. They are more aggressive, especially to other males. You pretty much have to resign yourself to the fact that you will stay away from other males. That means no off leash at the park,outside anywhere, and always a eye out for potential trouble. They can be trained to conduct themselves pretty well, but you can just never trust them. Sometimes it is the other dog you coma across that will give your dog "the eye", and that sets off the challenge! I have two dear boys and they are the most gentle dogs on earth.except if another males gets in their space. We have them at a lot of shows where they MUST be near other males. All goes well unless someone is not paying close enough attention.
Clearly, they are stronger and you must begin at a very early age to train them and to make sure you have the control over them.
The key is great socialization as a puppy and then throughout life, while always being aware of others!! It is a contstant problem to meet others that have no clue that males HATE each other and want to let theirs get in your dogs face because he "loves other dogs"! These are the same people that will have no control over their dog once the "conflict" starts!!

So, if you are prepared for the constant "on alert", and train for it, things can be fine.
Remember also, that just because the dog is not fixed, it does not mean that all dogs should be bred. That seems to follow on this site. If you are going to breed, get a show quality dog and be prepared to get health clearances. STUD dogs are a whole different topic!. Living with them is even more challenging!
it depends on the personailty of the dog and and how many female dogs live in your area when a male dog smells one in heat he'll do everything he can to try and mate with her
Any dog can be controled with the proper training. Un - neutered males are more aggressive and need a firm hand to keep them in line. If you train him right he will be fine. Just remember, dogs need a leader and if you have a big dog, you better be a strong leader.
"Will he be very aggressive or hard for me to control when we come across other dogs"

YES - any breed male will be and very much so with a GSD

He WILL be dog aggressive - and you haven't lived until you have tried to stop a big breed who is determined to get at another dog - and if he does, you have to break it up. (And I say that who regularly handles and trains dogs who outweigh me and have been doing this for decades.)

He will mark his territory all over your home - inside and outside

He will try to escape or bolt every time he gets a whiff of eau de girl dog in heat. (This has all kinds of consequences: getting in fights with other males over her; getting hit by cars; getting picked up by the animal control; getting lost ..)

He will be at very high risk of testicular and prostate cancer

He will have trouble making dog friends. An unneutered male will bug and annoy the girls even if they aren't in hea until they get sick of him and turn around and rip his face off. He will try to be very dominant with other males - unneutered, the fight is on; and neutered, its the mounting them - or trying to - and they turn around and clobber him. And from that come the vet bills.
Unneutered males tend to lack for canine playmates and companions.

Frankly you won't be neutering him so much for your convenience as to protect him from all these hazards. You may be safe with an unneutered male (unless you try to break up that fight) but he will be a lot LESS SAFE if not neutered.

More unneutered male dogs die from getting loose and going hunting girl dogs (cars) or testicular/prostate cancer than nearly any other cause.

It is for all these reasons that police patrol dogs, Service Dogs and other dogs who must be out in public working are neutered.

In fact a responsible breeder who does all the health screenings for hereditary health problems; knows their bloodlines and has been breeding them for years; competes their dogs; and raises them not for the money but because they love the breed and want to keep it and improve it WILL NOT SELL a pet puppy to anyone unless it is neutered/spayed. Only their show prospect puppies are sold without that condition and those are nearly always co-owned by the breeder and purchaser.

Now if the breeder will agree, I would wait until he hit closer to 10-12 months to neuter so he gets some of the bone/muscle mass from the teenage surges of testosterone. Males are supposed to have broader heads than females and too early a neuter will leave his bone mass and head size a little too small for the adult musculature. Neutering at 6 weeks is very bad - the opposite end of the spectrum - as it deprives the animal of the hormones for the purpose of growth..

He won't miss a thing by being neutered - literally. Dogs breed only to to procreate and the rest of the time are oblivious to sex. In fact even an accidental whan-bam-thank you mam before he gets neutered and he can still retain some of the behavior of the unneutered male with the aggression and interest.
It depends on how old the dog is when you get him. I know that i have a male english bulldog whom is not neutered. I plan on breeding him, however if i didn't wish to breed him i would definetly get him fixed. He gets pretty agressive and he tries humping every female he sees. He is also very very hyper but i'm not sure if german shepards would act the same way as bull dogs. I also know it's better to get a dog fixed before he is two because it's less complicated procedure. Also getting a male fixed prevents health problems when he is older. You can speak with a vet about that but that is what both my dog's vet told me. Goodluck
An un altered dog can be kept as a pet and be just fine.
However you need to be very responsible and have a relialbe way to contain the dog.
A good fence to keep the dog home. Always on leash. Maybe not a good idea to go to the dog park as males can be aggressive to others dogs.
The dog will end up with an enlarged prostate and possibley testicular or prostate cancer. Most un altered dogs do if they live long enough.
You will need to put in lots of training time and work with the dog but you would need to do that neutered or not.
I have had an intact male Doberman Pinscher who was a stud dog and he was fine. He got along with my cat and the other female dogs. We could not have other male dogs but females were fine. He did not mark territory in the house and he did not ever hump a human. I spent a lot of time training with this dog and he was very well mannered.
Most of the dogs I know are neutered and none of them are aggressive. In my opinion there is no difference in the bond you can have with an unneutered dog to a neutered one. Good luck and I hope you get a dog you like whatever your decision x
sometimes a neutered dog can be more aggressive than an un nuetered dog. recommend you buy a pup and get him properly trained as a large untrained dog can be very dangerious speaking from expereance as a bullmastiff owner.bob