Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bichon/Maltese 1year old first haircut and embarrassed?

Max is outgoing, always wanting to play little fella, but we had to get his long kinky hair cut because of the mattes that were caused by the snow we just had and now he is acting very strange. Shaking, not wanting to play, hiding etc. Has anyone experiences this and have any suggestions. We did buy him a sweater to try and help.
The problem here is that you waited a year until he got his first haircut. Both the bichon and the maltese require regular grooming in order to maintain length of coat. This includes brushing at home as well as regular (every 4-6 weeks) professional grooming. Most dogs who have been shaved for the first time feel uncomfortable, and more so if family members make fun and laugh at their appearance. They know they feel different, and their family's attitude contributes to their idea that something is wrong. Treat the dog normally, and in a day or two he will come around. Decide now to make a commitment to a grooming regimen and it need never happen again! Don't wait until all the hair grows out to start, but make an appointment with your groomer for 4-6 weeks from now for just a "bath and tidy up" to keep the new coat growth from matting while it grows back. Meanwhile, ask your groomer to recommend a brush and use it at least once a week, and especially after he has gotten wet, being sure to brush the entire dog all the way down to the skin. Most groomers will be very happy to give you a brushing lesson! Soon, your dog will look and feel like a million bucks!
He is probably cold. Winter is not a good time for a haircut.
My mom had a collie and one summer it was very hot, so I gave him a haircut. He was very embarrassed, when someone would come to visit, he would go hide. That was the only haircut he ever got.
My dog was extremely embarrased after her first haircut. We just kept petting her and telling her how pretty she was and giving her lots of attention. Now she loves to get her hair cut. She knows she gets way more attention.
I doubt the dog is embarrassed.

He is probably cold or a little traumatized from his grooming.I would guess both.

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