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Can a coyote hurt my black lab when he is in his kennel at night?

I have a year old black lab mix out in his kennel, last night i heard a lot of barking coyotes near my house. Could they some how get in the kennel and hurt my dog? He is in a long kennel. The kennel isn't sitting on cement it is set up in the backyard. But my dad did put 4 metal rods at each corner of the cage and stuck them into the ground so the cage would not move. And there is a tarp over half the top of his cage to keep the rain out and give him shade.
If the coyotes only show up at night, and the dog has to stay outside, you should put some lights out there, or get some night vision goggles, get a 12 gauge shotgun, or a good deer rifle, and kill the coyotes when they show up. If you don't kill the coyotes or let the dog come inside, the coyotes probably will get him. They don't quit. And even if they didn't get your dog, he would probably be traumatized from the coyotes messing with him all night. Just put yourself in your dogs place, how would you feel if you had a pack of coyotes trying to kill you, and you cant do anything about it.
I would not risk it, coyotes are nasty
Even if they couldn't get to him, they could certainly stress him out to no end! Could he stay inside for a short time?
if the kennel is to low they might jump in or if the kennel isnt dug into the ground they could proabbly dig in through it but i dont kno why they would want to do that just to attack a dog..even if they couldnt get in the dog would proabbly be very scared and maybe suffer traumas..
coyotes will dig under the fencing and pull it up and get in the kennel and kill your dog. it happened to me. better get out there and let the dog sleep in the house
Yes. Wow. You have a Lab that you keep outside?? My Lab, and every Lab I know, never wants to leave their owners side!! The poor dog is probably miserable out there!! They are "people" dogs.
i'd check signs for digging during the day (either from your dog or the coyotes). its a sure sign that something is wrong -- either they are coming in, or your dog is upset at being out there.
I don't want to make you worry unnecessarily, but if it were me I don't know if I would trust just a tarp on top. The rest of the kennel is probably fine.
The coyotes could dig under if the cage is on dirt. I don't know whether they will or not. If the lab can't jump out, though, I dont think the coyotes could jump in.
i don't think they would be able to but i always heard that coyotes are really smart and if they are hungry enough they will do anything to get food.but i think your dog should be just fine cause i used to play with coyotes. (don't think I'm crazy cause I'm not.) but maybe you should invest in putting up a fence!
your dog is big enough that if the coyote did get in some how if its just one coyote your dog would protect its self very well.
I wouldn't take a chance. They obviously want to get to your dog. Cotyotees have a pack mentality, and what might not be possible for just one, could be possible for a group of them. I think almost anything is possible, if an animal is driven enough. Don't chance it. You wouldn't want to learn the hard way.
Coyotes are incredibly resourceful. In my personal opinion, your dog should be kept inside. The lab is obviously worth it and valuable to you, since you've gone to all the trouble of setting up the kennel. I wouldn't put it past the coyotes, assuming there are more than one, to break in some night and turn your dog into dog meal. In the meantime, you should report the coyotes to your local animal control people. They could also endanger people-- especially children-- also small pets. B.
I don't think coyotes get big enough to hurt a big dog like yours by themselves and from what I know they rarely hunt in packs. If your really worried why not just bring your dog in the house?
coyotes are famous for their ingenuity. but it sounds like your lab should be ok. It is possible though for coyotes to dig under the kennel..and coyotes can jump real high. . if i were you i would check the kennel every night before i go to bed and every morning when i wake up to look for digging. And remember to have your dog get his shots.rabies and parvo and the rest. We used to have rabbits and my dad built the cages on stilts.. one night a coyote came and bit the toes off one of the rabbits.
but i really think your dog will be ok.
I would not worry about it. It would take more than 1 coyote to take down a lab, and it is unlikely that even 1 of them would attempt to jump into a kennel. You hear bad things about coyotes, but my german shepherds (3 of them) killed 5 coyotes about 3 years ago. If it were wolves, then i'd worry.
Those coyotes might try to dig under and a lab has no where near the fight drive to defend itself, and regardless of anything he's still a pup and he will not be able to defend himself if they do get in. House train him and keep him indoors.
If you're not living there temporarily it would be a good idea to put a fence around your house. I found this on a website:
Coyotes eat wild species, but they are known to eat pet food, garbage, garden crops, livestock, poultry, and pets (mostly cats).
Coyotes occasionally kill domestic dogs (and foxes) that they consider territorial intruders. Coyotes are also very protective of their young and will attack dogs that get too close to their den and pups.

Keep dogs and cats indoors, especially from dusk to dawn. If left outside at night in an unprotected area, cats and small to mid-size dogs may be killed by coyotes. Pets can be easy prey for coyotes. Being raised by humans leaves them unsuspecting once they leave the safety of your home. If you suspect losing a dog or cat to a coyote, notify your neighbors. Once a coyote finds easy prey it will continually hunt in the area.

If a dog is sleeping at night and a pack of coyotes approach, I think it wouldn't be very safe. Have electric fencing installed to keep them off your property.
Your dog is a puppy-even if he was full grown, he's no match for a pack of coyotes. Coyote's will gang up and attack something they think is compitetion or a threat. Your dog may be compitetion to them. My friends had a large golden retriever who was almost ambushed by a pack. One of them lured him out farther then his owners could see.they heard a yelp, and he came running back. They said they heard all the yipping and howling. Eerie.

But your dog is in a I think he's safer then if he was out in the open. Isn't there some way you could bring him in at night? Maybe you could make a deal with your dad, he can sleep in at night and you will do something for your dad or for the family, the dog.and the day you dont, the dog has to sleep outside . . . with the coyote's barking at him. I think you will do what you agree, right? Its a win, win situation!

good luck and my best wishes for your dog to sleep inside at night.
i guess its possible
exactly how high is the kennel? Coyotes can clear a 6 foot fence easily. They usually don't mess with larger dogs, but if he is trapped in a kennel he may be an easy target. One coyote would probably not chance taking on a large dog, but a pack might. Is your yard fenced in as well? You might want to keep him in at night if you do not have a very high fence around your yard, and if the kennel your dog is in is open at the top.
At the very least I think I'd bury some fence around the bottom of the kennel so your dog can't dig it's way out.
And it's more likely he'll do so to get at the coyotes than them trying to get at him.
I have 2 male german shepherds and we ran across one on our daily walk just the other day.It stopped on the trail not 20 feet ahead of us.My silly boys thought it was another dog and started for it with tails wagging.Thankfully,they listen and mind and I was able to leash them both and keep them still.After a 2 minute stare down the coyote ran into the brush where I could hear another one gagging and I knew we were close to a den.
I tell you this because a lone coyote will lure a preditor to the pack where it will be outnumbered in a fight.So make sure your dog can't dig out.

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  1. ITS OK FOR LABS TO SLEEP OUTSIDE!! it seems so many people are all about keeping dogs inside, they are not humans, they have a thick fur and hair that is designed for them to be able to sleep outside!