Monday, May 24, 2010

Can dogs eat all kinds of fruit?

I gave my pup pomelo and she loves it.
Not all kinds of fruit. Grapes raisins and apple seeds are bad, along with some other foods. I'm adding a link to food that that your dog should not eat and hope this helps :-)
I don't know what pomelo is, but stay away from grapes and raisins.
just keep her away from melons and cheese. other than that feed her whatever fruits n veggies she wants
I guess if they like it, but if they have a sesitive stomach than i would not.
Nope. I'd talk to your vet or do research for specifics, but some fruits like grapes can cause bad problems for certain internal organs.
Our vet said that veggies and fruit aren't good for dogs. He said it can cause digestive problems . Something about how their teeth are formed to rip and shred, thus needing protein.
fruit is good as long as she love it, give it try avacados too they have the good fat in them
Yes, in moderation, but keep fruits with large seeds or pits away from your dog -- peaches, cherries, avocados, watermelon, plums, and so on. Either he'll choke or he'll deficate them out uncomfortably. My dog loved citrus fruit, but I always gave him the seedless varieties -- peeled of course.
I don't know what pomelo is but my dog will eat anything except celeri. One thing is for sure, Do not give onions to cats. apparently it does somethingto their red blood cells and they can die.
Dogs should never eat people food. It really isn't good for them.
oh yes including ur head
Here is a list of toxic foods for dogs, of course chocolate is a given.

Grapes %26 Raisins: Though it isn't clear to scientists just what makes grapes and raisins toxic to both cats and dogs, even a relatively small amount can damage the kidneys. For this reason it's unwise to feed these to your pet, even if small amounts are tolerated. Also avoid giving bits of cookie or other foods that contain raisins.

Garlic, Onions, and Powders: Whether fresh, cooked or powdered, garlic and/or onions can be found among the ingredients of many prepared meals, including baby food. Garlic and onions are toxic to cats and dogs because sulfoxides and disulfides found in them can damage red blood cells and lead to anemia. Onions are more problematic than garlic, but both should be avoided. If preparing a meal for yourself that will contain garlic or onions, consider preparing a side portion without these ingredients for your animals.

Macadamia Nuts: Macadamia nuts are soft, light-colored nuts often used in cookie recipes. They are considered toxic to dogs because they tend to cause gastrointestinal upsets, lethargy, vomiting and muscle tremors or stiffness.

Mushrooms: Various species of mushrooms are toxic to dogs, and can cause shock and death. Effects will differ depending on the type ingested, but avoid feeding any type. Pluck "backyard mushrooms" that might sprout on the lawn, as these are known to be toxic to canines.

Tomatoes and tomato plants: Tomatoes of all kinds are toxic to cats, as are parts of the tomato plant. Ingesting as little as a cherry tomato can cause severe gastrointestinal upset.

Chicken Bones: Though not toxic, chicken bones can get stuck in the roof of the mouth, throat and intestines, and should be avoided, according to many veterinarians. Splinters of chicken bones can also become lodged internally.

Other foods to avoid include raw potatoes, especially those containing green spots; turkey skin; nutmeg; and anything with caffeine, including tea. Alcohol and hops should also be avoided as alcohol poisoning can lead to coma and death. Do not allow your pet to rummage through the trash, as moldy food contains toxins that can cause serious illness.

Since many of the signs of toxicity are similar, call your veterinarian immediately if your pet appears distressed, lethargic or in pain. Bloody stools or vomiting are also possible signs of toxic poisoning. Gastrointestinal problems can lead to gas build-up until the stomach becomes distended or bloated and hard to the touch. This is a painful condition that can cause the stomach to burst if not treated. The good news is that, in most cases, treatment for toxic poisoning can be successful if administered in time.
Keep your dog away from raisins! They will kill your dog!
Little nibbles don't hurt. They like to do what you do and it makes them happy. Not too much of anything. I give my dog little pieces of apples and oranges and even lettuce especially cookies and crackers. Little pieces. A lot of stuff causes bad smelling flatulence
I know that grapes, raisens and onions are poisonous to dogs as well as chocolate.

Sometimes dogs will just eat something because they see you eating it. They metabolize things much differently than humans do. Whats good for us isn't necessarily good for them.

I would err on being cautious and not give my pet anything but their dog food.

Look at the ingredients in dog food. I've never seen any with fruit.

The only other thing that I've given my dogs is meat, fish and rice.

My dogs that I've had as an adult have lived very long and healty lives. My friends who feed their pets table scraps or other things have had problems with their pets.

Again, I'm just being careful. I love my pets, I'm sure you do too! Good luck to you.
Grapes can been linked to renal failure in dogs. (Kidney Failure) I feed my dogs watermelon, apples and bananas just for a treat, they think its great, I think they are weird.

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