Monday, May 24, 2010

Can dogs eat pomegranate?

My dog may have a brain tumor. I'm going to a third vet this week for help. I have been searching for supplements that might help shrink tumors in humans and be safe for dogs. I have started giving my dog coQ10, fish oil, alpha lipoic acid, and ellagic acid in the form of pomegranate powder. I found info on the other supplements for dogs except ellagic acid (aka pomegranate). One vet told me before that grapes/raisins can be toxic for dogs so I just want to be sure I'm not accidentally hurting my dog giving her the pomegranate powder. Thanks.
Grapes and raises ARE NOT GOOD for a dog. Your vet is wrong.

: Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs. As little as a single serving of raisins can kill a dog

I really don't know if pomegranate is good or bad. I couldn't find anything, but I do have a list of that you shouldn't feed your dog. I hope it helps somewhat.

Good luck with your dog. I hope everything turns out OK.


I did a little more searching and found some frozen pomegranate bars that are made for dogs, so I don't see any reason why you couldn't give your dog pomegranate.

Again, good luck, and I hope everything turns out fine with your dog.
dogs can eat grapes and rasin my vet reommends them and my dog loves them. she also likes pomegranate jucie, and never had a problem
As few as 7 grapes can cause death in a dog. I have the medical proof in a file if anyone wants to dispute it. This from the Poison Control.

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  1. I'm not sure if anyone else is checking this, but Pomegranate is a definite "no-go" for my dog. A taste of pomegranate- blackberry yogurt gave my dog an instant seizure. She'd had both blackberries and yogurt previously with no incident. The ASPCA mentions central nervous system suppression and GI complications as side effects of pomegranate consumption.