Monday, May 24, 2010

Can Dogs get Moles?

I found a small bump between my Dogs Shoulders that feels like a Scab to me. My wife said it's a Mole. I have never heard of Dogs having Moles, but my wife says they can get them too. Is she Right?
Yep! they sure can.
She is right.
Yes, my dog has freckles,too.
i think it might be a scab
I've seen them on the belly, a bump on the hairy hide is more likely a bug or tick bite, possibly some other injury.
I don't really know, but I don't see why a dog couldn't have a mole. I guess you could call your vet's office and ask them to know for certain.
Yes I have a dalmation mix and he has about 10 moles and warts. He is the dog with the record number of moles. We had them removed but they keep on coming back. But to answer your question again TRUE!
Yes. My Eskie gets them. It happens in some breeds as they get older.
they can have moles and often warts too.
It is possible that it is a mole. Can you pull back the hair on the dog to see this bump? It may also be a sebaceous cyst. This is usually a small fluid filled growth resulting often from a blocked duct. I would suggest that you watch this bump to see if it changes any, like growing larger or changing in color. If it is near time for a vet visit I would certainly suggest that you have your vet take a look at it. Our terrier has one of these small cysts on one of his front legs. Our vet suggested that we watch it to be sure it doesn't start growing. He told us that in most cases these take care of themselves without any intervention. If your dogs bump starts growing or changes in any way I would make it a point to see the vet and have it checked out. Afterall, it is better to be safe than to have your dog suffer.
You may of felt a scab from an insect bite, or if your dog is outside a lot, it may be a tick. If those two are ruled out, it is more than likely a skin tag. All dogs get them, usually if they're older they have a tendency to get them or more of them. Usually they aren't anything to worry about, but if it is getting exceptionally large, discolored or your dog tries to itch or gnaw at it a lot take your pet to the vet and have it looked at or even removed. That doesn't entail a whole lot so don't fret.
Yes, your wife is right. We had a poodle mix when I was little that had tons of moles all over his body. Big ones, too. Our new dog has a small one only 7 months old. Totally normal:)

But get it checked to make absolutely certain it's a mole. And, just like with humans, dog moles can turn cancerous, so keep that in mind.
Sure can, my greyhound has one

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