Monday, May 24, 2010

can dogs eat celery?

Probably not the best veggie out there. The strings in celery can cause obstructions. I have personally seen this happen in a poodle at our clinic.
hasnt hurt mine
can you eat dog food?
I have this feeling that the stringies wouldn't digest well. I'd cut it up first.
Yup, it's raw onions and chocolate they aren't supposed to eat.
My dog gets a baby carrot for going potty outside. I don't see how celery would be much different, but I'd cut it up.
They can eat it, but they will not get any nutritional benefit from it. Dogs are carnivores and do not require any plant material in their diet.
don't see why not. but why would you want to?
dogs can eat anything!
yes, but good luck getting your dog to eat it. Some dogs are good healthy eaters- mine prefers high fat high sugar foods. ? :)
no it will stick to there teeth they could choke
Yes - adding a variety of vegetables to their diet is very benificial. celery is actually very good for their skin. I often make up my own dog food with the following ingredients:

Chicken mince (2 KG)
Liver (either lamb or Ox will do - chop into small chunks)
Pasta (250 grams)
Rice (1 Cup)
Celery (Half a bunch)
Carrots (3-4)
Fresh Garlic (4-5 cloves/pieces - easiest and cheapest flea-repellent)
Fresh Ginger (one small piece, peeled and finely chopped)
Water - about a litre to start - can add more later.
Gravy to thicken (not the cheap and nasty brands!)

Easy to make:
Brown your mince and liver
Add you garlic, vegetables - cook on low temp for a few minutes with the lid on the pot.
Add your pasta, rice and water - cook gently for an hour or so.
Once cooked, and 3-4 cups of gravy to bind and thicken - leave to cool.

Is cheaper by far than your supermarket brands, and the dogs will LOVE you for it - just watch the improvement to their coats as well


  1. just this second i gave my dog ollie (shihtzu) some celery and all this advise helped me as i thought i made a well big mistake!

    from jess. w
    milton keynes

  2. I just gave my jack russel mix some celery and 30 minutes later she had a seizure, so if you do give your dog any type of oddball food watch them very closely