Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Barbed wire part II?

The wounds have been thoroughly cleaned. I am just wondering if they might still stitch her up and exactly how extensively they would have to cut the dead tissue away? i was told to wait to go to the vet, keep it really clean, and go 1st thing Mon. morning for the debriding (trimming the edges to make a clean, fresh edge for closure). Also, i put her on antibiotics that i keep around the house. so, is everything going to be ok..? did i make a huge mistake in waiting?
If it wasn't serious enough to warrent going to the vet by now - then it probably didn't need stitches. Cosmetically - if you want your vet to fix this up - then yes, he would have to open the wound up and cut away the dead and scabbing tissue to make the would heal up nicer.

I did the same thing to my foot - cut it badly one night - didn't go to the doctor until the next day. TOO late for stitches. However, 6 months later - had to have surgery to revise the whole scar.
I'm not sure who told you to wait - but that was a big mistake. It was good for you to keep the wound clean, but do go to your vet first thing in the morning - get a tetnus shot for your pup and some antibiotics. It is very doubtful that it can be stiched up. DO NOT USE YOUR OWN MEDICATION UNLESS YOU ARE EXPERIENCED IN VET CARE. YOu have no idea what dosing,etc is needed. PLEASE DISCONTINUE!

Remember dogs are a lot like people - if you got cut 2 days ago would your doctor stitch you back up?
That, and possibly a huge mistake in giving the antibiotics. Don't give it unless it's prescribed, if it's for people it may be too strong, could be outdated, etc.
ok i helped you with this befor you have to read this take a tight cloth and tighten the wound so the skin wont fall apart if its really bad you need to get her to a vet asap!!. and if you can sen me a pictur of her to ill tell you if she need stiches
I think everyone else pretty much covered it, but I wanted to say that I hope your dog is okay and good luck!
I have a dog that ripped a big hole about the 1 1/2 inch in diameter on her right hip. it was deep completley tore the skin and fat off. I took her to the vet the next day and he told me that because it was in a spot that moved a lot that we would have to keep her virtually immoble for 2 weeks if he gave her stitches, but we could just take her home and rinse the wound a few times a day with water and keep it dry. It healed up very nicely and she has a small scar but it isn't bad. From your description of where your dogs wounds are it sounds like they would be hard to stitch as well. It really wasn't difficult to keep the wounds clean. I would still strongly encourage you to take your dog to the vet, but you may be able to get away without stiches. Please take your dog to the vet to make sure.
Barb wire can really mess an animal up, and if it was rusty barb wire that can be a problem causing infection. It is good that you have kept the wound clean and dry, but do not cover the wound as air helps heal and leaving it open will allow it to drain.
The vet more than likely will nopt close it up since it has been a lapse in time, but they will give you antibiotics and a ointment more than likely to put into the wound. The problem will be if infection has already set in, does it stink?? If so gang green has probably set in, BUT>>>>>>>>> DO NOT panic, it can be bad, but the vet can still heal the dog if it has gotten infection.
I had a min pin get his neck wrapped in barb wire and the vet kept him 13 days as gang green had set in over night, he said i should of never covered the wound, and got him to emergency right away, but he saved my dog and lived to the ripe old age of 20. Get to the vet and hope that your dog will be okay.

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