Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Basset is shedding terribly, any Basset owners out there know some thing I could do?

Regular grooming is a must (and hound gloves are great for bassets), also feeding a good quality dog food. The other thing that's great for skin and coat is to either give your dog a salmon oil capsule daily or 1 tablespoon of veg. oil on his food every day, particularly in the winter months. But at this time of year, your dog is just likely doing his regular twice a year shedding so he needs lots of grooming.
Shoot it
use a oatmeal based shampoo and wash it down with that.
it does help with shedding.
Brush your basset once a week and shedding will be minimal. Use a hound glove to keep his coat shiny.
shave it
breed has nothing to do with it; there are lots of common factors when it comes to dropping hair:

it's AUTUMN - every dog is growing a new coat. they'll do it again in the Spring.

* if U really want to minimize the shedding, avoid artificial light for Ur dog.

the trigger for spring and fall coat-change is the change of photoperiod: either days are getting longer, or shorter. IF. U can keep Ur dog in an area of the house with no, or very little, artificial light after sundown, they'll shed less.

for most ppl, that means the dog is alone -Way!- too much, in winter's dark; putting the dog to 'bed' at 5:30 pm is silly for U, and lonesome for the dog.

* next best: good nutrition, frequent brushing, baths at least every 1.5 to 2 mos

a dog who is bathed fairly often, and brushed AT LEAST once a week, from nose to tail-tip, is a pleasure to be around, to touch, and sheds much less, too.

long-coats, double-coats, or hair-type single-coats (Maltese, Silkies, Afghans.) need to be brushed = Daily = during shed-seasons, to prevent mats and tangles.

the hair-like single-coats, AND shedding- or non-shedding curly-coats (i.e., Poodles, LabraDoodles of both shed- and no-shed coats, etc), are daily-brush coats, year-round.

WIRE coats and single-smooth coats are the least work: strip a wire-pup at least 2x before their first birthday, and U have a hard, easy-to-maintain coat that sheds dirt, mud, and briers.
single-smooth coats shed EVERy day of their lives; Labs, pointers, Dals, most hounds, etc. The good thing? they only need a thorough wipe-down with a hound-glove or a sisal-brush or rubber curry to be slick and fairly hair-free. A follow-up with a smooth scarf will leave them gleaming!!

non-shedding coats catch all the 'old' coat in the incoming hair - if U don't keep up with it, it's an enormous mat, and very, very painful to the dog. hot-spots and infections can begin under the hair, and break down the skin. since it's invisible, this is very sneaky. and dangerous!
if Ur dog smells bad, find out why: bad-breath can be bad teeth, gut-trouble, illness, infection, ear problems, food allergies,.
Healthy dogs don't stink! (unless they roll in dead stuff. ecchhh.)

Bassets are fairly smelly hounds; bathing is a good thing, for them.
cleaning their faces daily, especially facial-folds and body-wrinkles, helps a lot:
the folds gather saliva, dander, and skin-oils.

smooth-faced Bassets are much less work; super-droopy Bassets are every-day face-washes, or U risk pyoderma.

a good quality dog-food is key to health, and there are now many to choose from; a shot of Shed-Stop, a supplement, won't hurt, either.

PROBIOTICS are wonderful, wonderful nutrition-boosters: live-culture yogurt, organic preferably, or if the dog is lactose-sensitive, BeneBac, are very good for gut-health, immune-function, and nutrition absorption.
Best! good luck.
Welcome to REALITY!


There's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING you can put *ON* or *IN* ANY dog to stop shedding!!



  1. If you'd have done your research you would have known that Basset's shed their coat year round.. Different to other breeds.

  2. If you'd have done your research you would have known that Basset's shed their coat year round.. Different to other breeds.